Thursday Two Questions #21

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #21:
1) Do you think it is better to say more or just what is needed?
In some instances, it hurts you to only say what is necessary. Because the person on the opposite end thinks you are not with it. If you say too much, it could be a gamble. In general, I have never regretted saying more, but I do hold on to the seat of my pants after wards.
2) Do think it is possible to be an Executive with good integrity? Do you know any?


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Thursday Two Questions Feature Blogger for this week is Margaret Duarte. Please take this opportunity to visit Margaret and say "hello". Click on the image below and you will be taken to Margaret's Blog.

In 2010, I completed the Creative Writing Certificate program through UC Davis Extension. Actually I was the program's first graduate, the first one over the line. Over the past ten years, I have completed four novels (women fiction with paranormal elements), Between Will and Surrender, Between Darkness and Dawn, Between Yesterday and Tomorrow, and Between Now and Forever, which I continue to revise and revise and revise.

In 2010, my novel, Between Now and Forever, made it to the quarter finalists (250 out of 5,000 entries) in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest and won a Publisher's Weekly review. In January of this year, I entered the contest again with the same novel, hoping to make it to the semi-finalists this time.

To my complete amazement, one of my poems, Messy Slick Roads, was published in the Summer 2010 edition of the Tule Review, put out by the Sacramento Poetry Center.
In October of 2010, I sent out a query, synopsis, and sample chapter for Between Now and Forever to an agent and am waiting for her response.
On July 8, 2010, I officially started my blog, Enter the Between, and have posted three times weekly ever since.

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  1. 1. It all depends on the situation.

    2. I do not know any personally but I must believe that they are out there.

    Wonderful feature on Margaret!

    She is so accomplished!

    Happy Thursday.

  2. Congrats, Margaret! That is quite impressive.

    Amanda, I have often said more than I should, and I have a pretty big foot to pull out of my mouth. :-) Saying too little is sad also though. You may never get the opportunity again..

    I have known some wonderful ethical executives; ones I truly admired and wanted to emulate. I have also known others that caused me to go job seeking to get away from them.

  3. Great piece on Margaret, she is a very talented person.

    It depends on the situation. I have interviewed hundred of people for jobs in a past management position. I always preferred for someone to answer my questions and not give me their life story. In other situations more information is good.

    Yes, I have met a few through the years.

  4. Hi, Joining 2?s today. About the spam email. Thanks for telling me. I have no clue about it and I receive "mail-demon" in my case. Sad thing I don't know how to fix it. Maybe you can just put them in your spam mail. And if ever I need to contact you I will just use my other e-mail address and not the yahoo. I'm sorry about the inconvenience. thanks take care.

  5. All my life, I've said exactly what was on my mind--My life an open book, so to speak. Lately, I've been trying to hold back and I've found that often this is the best policy.

    Being a farmer, I don't know many executives. My guess is that there are plenty of executives with integrity, though holding on to this integrity must be tremendous in a world where material wealth is often valued more than spiritual wealth.

  6. 1) most of the time i feel that i said more than what was needed. in the past, it got me into trouble with the boss, but i don't regret it. over the years, i have learned to process before opening my mouth. i call it choosing my battles.:p

    2) i'd like to think that it's possible, but so far, haven't met any.:p

    wow, 4 novels---quite impressive, Margaret. being is writer is not easy.

  7. I'm a mother, what do you think? LOL It gives me peace saying what's on my mind instead of refraining. I exercise caution in how I choose to deliver my thoughts because the wrong mix can do more damage than good, which isn't my intention.

    If a person is of good intergrity when becoming an Executive, then chances are great that his/her character will be intact. Sure corruption can happen, but then how good was that person's integrity to start with? Of course, this is my way of thinking and I do not know any executives to give as an example.

    Come over to my blog to play Thursday 2 Questions!

  8. Great feature on Margaret Duarte, and wish her the best of luck on her journey.

    It's possible to be an executive with good integrity, but sorry I don't know anyone..

  9. Margaret is such a great writer based on the excerpts and her blog as it is!

    Now to answer your Qs:

    1. I do advocacy work and feasibilities so even if I try to measure my words I expect people not to agree all the time. Surprisingly, I get people to call back and ask for my advise when they realize after that I have no hidden agendas. I prefer to be outspoken than apathetic most times.

    2. I met a lot of good executives and from the projects I helped made with them, I realized that "good" is relative. People are basically good. The ones who blunder, and fail, and make life miserable for others (power trippers, bossy types, bullies, etc.) are actually misguided (just like most of us anyway!) and given the chance can be your best ally!

  10. First, congrats on your poem getting published!

    1. It absolutely depends on the situation, and who you're talking with. I have regretted saying too much, and I've regretted not saying enough. But I think most of us err on the side of too little. I remember talking to someone from Japan who was frustrated that Americans say "How are you?" but they don't really care how you are. I made a point after that not to say it unless I really wanted to hear how they were...in detail...and be prepared to listen. I still give a short answer if it's a stranger who asks...but I also made a point to give a REAL answer to that question if its a friend who asks.

    2. Yes, I have known incredibly ethical executives...it helps to work in non-profits. I don't know if you could call the people who ran the small business I worked in "executives" but they were all very ethical. But I think any business benifits from having ethical leaders.


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