Vitamin D Obtained By Tanning Bed

You might be happy to know that moderate exposure in tanning beds will provide the Vitamin D your body needs naturally, without taking any pills! Tanning is and will always be an activity that people choose to do to feel good about how they look.

Tanning in a tanning bed is typically preferred by many people, because the tan is controllable, and much more even than sun tanning. You won’t have tanning lines unless you want them. You can be naked and completely in private to get every inch of that body tan and looking the way you desire.

Tanning could get expensive if you are going to a salon, especially if you have very light and sensitive skin. You will need to start out with 3-5mintues tanning sessions first before you can work yourself up to the nice 15-20 minutes tanning sessions. With such programs you would need to buy a lot of tanning sessions and it becomes expensive to get a deep tan or keep up with one.

For people who likes tanning, you should be happy to know that you can own your own tanning bed for your home without spending a lot of money. Good quality beds from ESB Tanning Systems are uniquely designed giving you the best possible opportunity to achieve the most even tans. The combination of the pink and blue lights and the built in reflectors will provide the most powerful tans.

While it is known that tanning either in the tanning beds or out in the natural sun is damaging to your skin, it is also known that the ultra violet rays can help clear up acne. Ultra violet rays will help dry up those red marks and help the skin heal faster. If you are a tanner and have acne by all means have your face tan too. But don’t go tanning for the sake of drying up your acne. Only do it if you're already planning on having tanning sessions.
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  1. Great to know there are more benefits to tanning than just loving it! :) I could never have one in my home I'd probably be in it like an hour every day! :)

    I'm your newest follower from Meet and Follow Sunday! I'd love for you to meet and follow my blog back! :)


  2. I could share my tan.

    Just kidding.

    I still rather the sun but then it's au naturale :)

    Really good news for anyone using the tanning beds though.


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