Formation of Clam Shells in Sand Stone | Thursday Two Questions #6

I love rocks, especially ones as special as this. We found a sand stone filled with clam shells on the beach.

Formation of fossils and sand stone is the method by which nature preserves the dead species are pressed between the rocks and kept for millions of years. The formation may take up to thousands of years minimum. A lot has to do with the pressure exerted by the rocks and the depth in which they fell. The belief had always been that it may take million years for extinguished fossils.

Contrary to this popular belief, it doesn't always take millions or thousands of years for fossils to form. Again depending on the environmental influences and the location, certain subjects can fossilize in as few as five to ten years.

The creation of this rock with the embedded shell-fossils might be one contradiction of the test of time and beauty. Usually beauty deteriorates in time, a taunt young skin becomes wrinkled, and a blooming flower becomes brown and wilted. But in this case, time has created beauty.

I ran into other sandstone admirers who couldn't stop talking about their experience with the Forex training seminars. It all sounded interesting and yet another to be done on my list.

Thursday Two Questions:
1) This is an example of a subject that beautifies over time, what comes to your mind regarding another subject or being that becomes more beautiful over time?

2) Whose fingers are on the rock? For those who are not regular readers, are the fingers from a baby or a woman?

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  1. The reason I created my blog seeds4thoughts is I am so inspired by growth - a seed to a tree, a plant, a garden...a thought planted becomes a goal or a dream, a child an adult. Oh the beauty that becomes from proper nurturing.

    Loveley post, keep planting and nurturing, Amanda! :-)

  2. Something that becomes more beautiful over time is love, love for a parent, sibling, friend, husband, partner, child, and grandchild. My love grows over time, especially as I age and appreciate the people I love more and more. The hand on the rock looks like a child's, but it appears to have tattoos on it, so it probably belongs to a woman.

  3. Amanda, I misspelled lovely. Where is my spellcheck? I think it's Miss T's fingers covered with sand.

  4. Relations, I feel, beautify over time. And for those fingers, they seem to be of a baby?

  5. In Holy Land (Egypt), in St Catherine, there is a monastery known as St. Catherine Monastery, a Greek Orthodox church where the whole mountain are full of rocks and stones with a pattern of 3 leaves. We will be posting pictures of it on 22 Nov 2010. It is amazing.

  6. mature friendships become more beautiful over time. a friendship based on mutual respect and genuine acceptance.

    the chubby fingers on the rock are from a baby.

  7. 1) Classic art pieces from all the artists long ago come to my mind when viewing them now.

    2) It's Miss Trinity's hands and fingers. I don't see the tattoo, but just sand..

  8. 1. For me, I feel beauty grows from within so I think people become more beautiful over time. Their confidence, wisdom and life lessons grow more rich and deep and therefore beauty deepens.

    2. I think those are the hands of a child. Either way they are cute :)

  9. I think that you, me, we all become more beautiful over time! We grow, we learn, we become more beautiful!

  10. I think my Mother's face becomes more beautiful with time. She passed away in 2006 and as I remember her she becomes lovelier in my minds eye.

    I think the fingers are a child's or I want to think they are attached to an inquisitive mind the way they are pointing on the shells. Lovely post.

  11. I love finding rocks like this one, the more you look at it the more you see.

    Since most everyone has talked about emotional bonds for this question I will go a different route. Mother Nature's artistry of stone, mountains, trees, and the list goes on and on. We have a tree in our backyard that was planted six years ago, it get more beautiful with each passing year.

    Those are definitely a child's fingers, Miss Trinity perhaps?

  12. Something for me that has become beautiful overtime is growing in my walk with God and learning more and more that my attitude does not determine his love for me.

    2. Those are adorable baby fingers.

  13. I think the patina on copper gets more beautiful over time and I also like weathered wood.

    Those must be Trinity's cute fingers. (I recognize the pink clothing from your pictures of camping by the beach.)

    Have a lovely week. :D

  14. 1. The first thing that comes to my mind it the story of the Ugly Duckling.

    2. It's the fingers of a baby.


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