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It is the New Year and that means the first school semester is done. Now is the time to seriously evaluate your kids' academic ability, especially when those SATs are around the corner for some students. Consider getting online math tutoring if your child is struggling. It is cheap, it is unlimited and 24/7.

Have you ever searched for a local tutor before? I have, I ran ads and responded to ads in hopes of finding a tutor for MattLove. I spoke to many, and even ran across a college graduate who sounded promising, claiming to understand kids. He thought because he attended a well-known college that he should charge me $125.00 an hour to tutor middle school math. I thought, even if he was from Harvard, he can’t be serious about that rate? I have much respect for people who have good credentials, but not when they use it in an evil way.

It is tough when kids fall behind in school work. When they don’t get math, and might Geometry Help. Some kids just have to work harder, just because their comprehension style is different.

Statistics for example is more about thinking and analyzing than it is about moving numbers. What you do with the results show whether you know how to use the data or not. Statistic Help is a great way to get ahead. There are ways to understand statistics without racking your brain.

There is hope, and you don't have to succumb to expensive, ridiculous prices to get Calculus Help or any math help for that matter. Choose a package, tutor time and get as much help as you need when you need it. You could even get a free demo before you even sign-up. Isn't it nice to be able to see how the whole process works before you sign up for a service?
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  1. Our only child is in college but if I had a younger child who need extra help I would definitely look at online tutoring.

    I can't believe that guy wanted to charge you such a high price, that is outrageous.

  2. My son is dyslexic, so we've always thought that he'd do so much better with a tutor - one to one. Unfortunately, this is not the kind of thing we can afford. We would love to though...
    Thanks for your email. I had a look at mine but the templates do not support moving margins.
    I think I'll go with this blog template when I'm doing that project I spoke to you about.
    Thanks for your help.

  3. When my baby boy and I attended college alegebra we had a wonderful teacher that would answer his phone at odd hours. He was a saint and we were so glad to pass both our classes. Whew!

  4. I tried chatting with the online rep of that company. I wasn't going to make any decisions right away. They were way too pushy asking for a phone number after I told them I wasn't giving it out. I did offer an email address. We'll see what they send me.

  5. Online tutoring is indeed a great option for those busy families who are looking for extra help for their children in school. The key is not only to shop around for tutors who are affordable, can speak native English, and are knowledgeable about their subjects, but have actual teaching experience. With this extensive classroom experience, a good tutor can understand right away the best approach to take when working with their students at a variety of levels.
    My online classroom, "Math Class with Terry V" offers a customized, targeted learning session for free, just to find out what is needed in the way of support and to consult with parents. Check it out for a first free session. Learning directed by an experienced math teacher online!

  6. @SquirrelQueenThat is a lot of money for a family to spend on tutoring. I couldn't afford him.

  7. @Anne Lyken-GarnerWhen I think what some schools charge for tuition, I shiver too.
    Good luck with your project.

  8. @Judy Sheldon-WalkerBy the time the kids are in highschool, the teachers are a lot more rigid about meeting or talking to parents, unfortunately.

  9. @Art of RetroCollage I hope it works out, I know they are one of the biggest online tutoring firms.


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