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X is for Xavier
Definitions from Dictionary.com
1. Saint Francis ( Francisco Javier; “the Apostle of the Indies” ), 1506–52, Spanish Jesuit missionary, esp. in India and Japan.
2. a male given name: from an Arabic word meaning. So that is what Xavier means
Today I received communion invitations from my girlfriend. It seems that she has decided to take her children through the Catholicism process. I am happy for her. It showed how she is much more stable, and much stronger in faith than I. It comes so easy for her, while it feels burdensome for me.

I can not figure out why I am so afraid to take on this responsibility. Is it because the responsibilities I have did not derived from my own choices, which made me more anxious to get rid off, or is it because of my own weakness. Perhaps I am in need of psychologist evaluation and am disillusioned of my role in life.

I recalled when I was faced with the decision, to bring the boys to the other side or not. I couldn't make a go of it. I fear I couldn't live up to the expectations and the responsibilities of motivating my children. So I ran away. I made sure that there isn't anymore communications with the church, and I made sure that I don't welcome anymore responsibilities. I believe being a good Christian or Catholicism or any religion there might be, you need to be stable, to accept god, to accept responsibilities and such expectations of being a parishioner. I didn't have that consistency, and now, I am waiting for the day when I can handle it all, and that I would be open to the path that is already chosen for me. Whether to accept or to find out if this is the religion of my choice, there should be a time when I will see it much clearer.

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My Thursday Two Questions:

1) Did you chose your own religion now (if you have one), or has it been in the family?
2) Have you ever been forced into a situation where if given the choice, you would not have chosen it?

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  1. Amanda, there has never been a time that I regretted my commitment to God. As a child in second grade my teacher invited my sister and I to church with her. Persistently I pleaded with our parents until they also went. Soon the family were members of a Quaker Friends church. When I left the military in NY, I could find no Quaker church but found a suitable church and took my children. My husband seldom went, or came home so it was left up to me. I found my strength in God. He is my constant.

    I have regretted my choice in men, but never my choice in following God. Man will disappoint and hurt you. God never forsakes.

  2. 1. i grew up as a methodist, fell away from it for a time, experimenting with other things, came back to it, then switched to presbyterian.

    2. sure, a number of times when i was younger especially. but it can happen in marriage, at work. i think it's typical. we don't all get to do it our way - life isn't burger king.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. My family were always Church of England and I followed yet I came to know God through the Salvation Army. I made my promise to him at the age of 10 and it never changed.

    No regrets - still the smae.

  4. Excellent questions! I was raised the religion I am now (LDS), but I made a conscience choice to be a part of it when I was in my 20's.

    HAPPy NEW YEAR, may it be full of peace and joy!

  5. Throughout the years, different family members had several different faiths. I never picked any they shared. I was of age when I made my on decision. I am not perfect and none of us ever will be. You just have to try and live the best you can each day that is pleasing to HIM.

  6. 1) I grew up with my religion, and I am fine with it, but I have questions about the entire ideal of this system, or maybe I am starting to see things differently now, and just want to argue with people who would listen, not with those one-way minded..

    2) I haven't face that situation yet! I can't say that I know of any other religion that I would like to chose.


  7. 1. My religion has been in the family as far as I can remember, but the tradition is fading fast with this new generation.
    2. Not really. I'm lucky. I've chosen most of my paths in life--right or wrong. Guess that means I have no one to blame for my failures but myself. Though my successes, I attribute to parents and family who set such a good example.

  8. @Judy Sheldon-WalkerMy family is very religious. I have to say that it is a calling and a blessing. Not everyone has the same ambition in church as you, that said, I would love to have one tenth.

  9. @Roger Owen Green1) wonderful that you were able to try other religions! My head would be off if I did.
    2) Haha, "have it your way" at Burger King. Too bad, I was hoping for a perfect life one of these days...haha

  10. @mrsnesbittWonderful, there sounds like a great story at the salvation army!

  11. @Tumblewords:Yes, I don't want to scare away anyone, but once in a while I wanted to know that my readers are awake. Smiles.

  12. @angieLife is full of choices, and choices are made by head strong and confidence personalities, congrats.

  13. @LVYes, that is my goal, live the way I know it is best at the time. It is a road of learning.

  14. @♥-Icy BC-♥I think you mean you would like to converse in an intelligent way. With people who agree to disagree. I think that is very healthy and I would love to have the same conversation.

  15. @Margaret DuarteIt seemed that way. Today, it is so much about change, and so much about living life the way you believe. I know about this, as I have a teenager.
    Fantastic, I love that you are able to make your choices in life. You had a good up bringing and a great family.

  16. I definitely understand how you feel and I hope whenever you do make the choice on a faith, it will be what you desire.

    I am Christian and I feelt that there are other things I should be doing, but if I feel burdened by any religion, I will shut down, so I pray and allow God to grow me during my selfishness.

    I ran away from this Christian thing for a long time because since I was a child it was being shoved down my throat and I did NOT like that at all. In a sense it was chosen for me and I resented it. I resented it for a long time until I could make my own choice about it. Then it was ok for me to choose.

    2. I think I have. Just trying to remember a standing one is making my mind watery.

  17. I was raised Catholic and then was away from the Church for many years. When I found my way back, I felt my life was complete; an empty place had been filled. There is nothing that brings strength, peace, and stability like being grounded in Faith and worship. I don't regret my time away because it makes my Faith all the more meaningful to me now.

    Holding you to our Blessed Mother's heart,

  18. 1) i studied the bible from grade school to high school. my father's family are Jehovah's Witnesses, my mother's side of the family are Catholics. in college and in my 20's, i explored other faiths. i guess i got the encouragement from my father. he used to tell me, "religion cannot save a person". in my 30's, i made a decision not to belong to any religion.

    2) when i was young, i did things out of duty and resented it. then i realized i have a choice. i have chosen my own path, if i succeed or fail, i have no one to blame but myself.:p

  19. I grew up with one religion but I have been exposed to quite a few different ones by choice. Let's just say that I have come a long way in my beliefs from where I began.

  20. This is such a complicated thing...I think He does it all for a reason:)


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