My Passion for Fashion Knitting

Thanks to Jonathon Woods

For me, knitting started out as a hobby. While still a hobby of mine, I am gradually turning it into a business. I have gotten requests through a couple of events...and well, here I go.

I used to watch my mother and my grandmother crochet all the time. They would make doilies and table scarves. I became rather fascinated with how they were able to create such beautiful things. You must know that it takes a special kind of patience to do such intricate work.

After my mother and grandmother taught me the basic stitches, I advanced from there. I taught myself how to knit from knitting instruction books. I started knitting hats for my classmates in high school. They loved them, as the floppy hats with the drawstring and pom poms at the end, was the style.

By the time I was married in my twenties, I had graduated to dresses. I made a couple of outfits and wore them to church. My girlfriends and the women at church were very surprised to know that I could do this craft! So, from there, I began to get dress orders.

After some years, I resumed my knitting. I love knitting in the evenings while sharing a few tv shows and movies with my husband on Satellite TV from Its the best time to relax as I make items for my family and some new friends. Once they witnessed my work, it was suggested that I go into business.

Today, I've been knitting for over 20 years and making hats, scarves, baby wear, and will soon be starting a shoe line. I am on a mission to make people aware that grandma is not the only one knitting these days.


  1. That's one of the things I've yearned to learn! I will learn.

    You are so talented. and I agree. you should be in business!


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