Nutty Chocolate Cookies

Christmas is a a great time for cookies. That is why many people bake cookies during the Christmas holiday as one of their traditions. I love cookies and chocolate. But a cookie with chocolate and nuts? What a way to my heart.

The Crescent Cranberry Nutty Chocolate Cookies turned out so well, I decided to bake us some more for the holiday. The Nutty Chocolate Cookies are a sister version, and is made up of the left over ingredients. The difference? It doesn't have cranberries and sweeter.

In either recipes I melted dark chocolate for the dressing. Chocolate is another one of those indulgences that is good and bad for you, but at least dark chocolate is better for you than milk chocolate. As many things are that is bad for you, they are also undeniably satisfying and tasty.

A couple of years ago, during Christmas, I tried to be a good present giver. You know, give people what they want and like. Stood in line at See's Candies to buy one of my SO's favorite. I couldn't believe how many people were faithful chocolate lovers, and how many people were determined to be good present givers.

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  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  2. Yummy, I love chocolate and cranberries. My hubby like nuts in cookies so I baked him some chocolate chip cookies with nuts for the holiday.

    1. I love chocolate and sweets too. but haven't been able to make new ones in a while.


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