Comedian and Actor Jerry Seinfeld

Guest post written by Sidney Owens

From comedian to actor Jerry Seinfeld achieved what many comedians only hoped to reach. Seinfeld arose to his standings from performing stand-up comedy. The favorite television actor was brilliant at pitching, and portraying his ideas, and imagery. This is what made the comedian a favorite television actor. Seinfeld gathered crowds like no other, and was not only funny, but charming to watch perform.

Furthering on, the favorite television actor was not yet a professional actor. Seinfeld spent much of his time in school, and is a proud to be Australian-Jewish. In the past, the favorite television actor performed roles in commercials, and in play-rights. Seinfeld has stuck to stand-up comedy all his professional life, and really could be considered a professional comedian.

Then Seinfeld finally landed his big moment with NBC on show named after him Seinfeld. The show was a hit for the networks the second time around, and made the favorite television actor Seinfeld a millionaire. The favorite television actor performed as himself in the show along with his friends. This became the high point of his career as a comedian. Our favorite actor was being watched on CannonSatellite television. Seinfeld was also being seen on HBO as a stand-up comedian.
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  1. I haven't seen Jerry Seinfeld on anything lately, I wonder what he is doing these days? I loved his Seinfeld show.

  2. Jerry Seinfeld is very funny, but I haven't seen him in a long time either.


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