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Rose Carpet and Romantic Petals

Rose carpets are very easy to grow. Not only that they produce flowers almost all year long for me. These photos don't do them justice, and I have a couple more shades in between the dark pink and the light pink, but pictured here are the peach color, the light bubble gum pink, and the fuchsia.

These shrubs create a romantic look to my backyard. The petals fall off and spread all around the borders of the patio. Because there are quite a few shrubs between other flowers, it look as if someone deliberately spread the rose petals out for a special occasion. I love to sit and gaze at the romantic setting. I just have to make a point to capture the moment and post some pictures to show you one of these days.

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  1. Those rose petals on your patio must be a amazing site to see but these roses are gorgeous too. They still try to fight autumn's cold temperatures.
    Thanks for sharing these beauties on Macro Flower Saturday.

  2. These are so pretty and sweet. Great shots and thanks for sharing these beauties.

  3. I'm always desiring beautiful blooms in my yard and must make the priority to invest time for them next spring.

    These are lovely.

  4. i love roses too, and yes, i love them most especially because they bloom wonderfully all year :)

  5. Thanks for sharing, my dear.. :) Had been away the past days.. Your post reminded me of the days when I was working in a flower farm.. Missed those simple days.. ;)
    Oh yes, had replied all your comments in my blogs and yea, if you are interested to find out what my drawing is (the one which I took part in Thursday Two Questions), do return.. :) See you around..

  6. Oh yes....who wouldn't love the 'carpet of roses'!?!! Beautiful.

    My macro is published. If you dare to find time today, I'd love to have you visit!


  7. Carpets of rose petals in the garden, sounds charming. Your pictures are gorgeous!

  8. Gorgeous color in those petals!

  9. Your yard must be spectacular with so many different roses, in that assortment of colors. I can see your daughter playing "bride" or "princess" as she walks over the fallen petals!

  10. Soon we will be looking at snow so colorful pictures of flowers are much appreciated. :-)

  11. who doesn't love roses? they are the most famous of all flowers no matter what color, shape, size or variety.


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