Thursday Two Questions #1 Blue Book and Ebay

Thursday Two Questions
I am joining Thursday Two Questions Meme today, here are my two questions this week:

1) Do you think the Blue Book value of a cars are reliable?

2) Have you ever used Ebay?

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  1. I think Blue Book values are a good place to start when looking at a car but there are so many factors to consider. Condition is everything.

    I use EBay sometimes, but not as much as I used to.

  2. Blue book value gives you a general idea of how much the car is worth, but it's not exact..

    I use Ebay sometimes when I need something, which is very seldom!

  3. Thanks for stoping by my blog. LOL..I wasn't around then either..I didn't come on the scene til 1960 ;), but things old were always new. In my family things from the late 1800 were still used when I was a kid....quilts, bowls,glassware, furniture, etc...
    Okay now for the questions.........
    Since I have a CarGuy the Blue Book is the word. The gray area is condition.
    As for Ebay. I have never bought anything on Ebay. Yes, I know..I must be the only woman in the country, who has not used Ebay.
    Let's out it this way....I was looking for doorknobs this past Summer at a flea market....I'm making a coat hanger for on the wall with assorted styles of doorknobs.... I found several for 3-6 dollars. In one booth was table upon table of doorknobs..2 for $25-$30...I asked the lady if we could do a better price. She said..'Honey I get this price on Ebay every day.' I reminded her that this was flea market and that the same doorknobs were $3-$6...now I was frustrated cause only 2 other vendors had doorknobs and only a slight few...
    she informed me her doorknobs were better Quality and more unusual.
    Well, LOL, I whipped out mt 5 doorknobs...they were identical to some she had. Her answer...'Why would I lessen my price when I can get 25 from other people who don't shop around'
    I'm sure there are a lot of great finds on Ebay and I do like to browse around, but I have Found that mentality on Ebay a lot. Sooooo I don't Ebay.
    Okay. I hope after that you ask me to come back again and you stop by my blog anytime:)

  4. First, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my two questions about the weeds/wildflowers in my un-mowed back-yard. I was inside when I posted it, and then this afternoon I looked out my window and that whole un-mowed half was a sea of pink flowers. I posted pictures at the bottom of the 2 Questions post. I hope you'll come back and see:


    As for your questions, can't answer the first...but I do use Ebay, mostly to buy but occassionally to sell. I'm actually auctioning a few things for charity right now through Ebay giving works:


  5. @GaleI will stop by to see the blanket of pink flowers. I checked out your Ebay shop, I think it works really well, but Amazon is wonderful too. More expensive, but things sell.

  6. @MelodyHi Melody, I wished I had a flea market around here that was reasonable. I can see that sometimes Ebay could be good or bad. Although stuff that I've bought are all pretty reasonable. Like a laptop lamp, Oil of Olay...name brands for less. Smiles.

  7. @SquirrelQueenYes, the condition has a lot to do with how you are going to persuade the buyers. Between Ebay and Amazon, Amazon works better for me.

  8. @Icy BCLike you Icy, I Ebay when I want to buy more than sell.
    The Blue Book Value sometimes comes really low doesn't it?

  9. I used to sell quite frequently on eBay before I started blogging. lol I also got a few good deals there.

    As for blue book, it is a good starting place, and then condition is everything.

  10. @Judy Sheldon-WalkerI know how blogging can take over your life. LOL.

  11. i don't know much about the blue book and I've never used e-bay before.

  12. to answer you 2-questions, i think the blue book is not accurate because people could put the wrong information. and i have not used ebay. i don't know how it works or shall i say i am not interested in knowing how to use it.

  13. I know people use the Blue Book, but I now nothing about it. As for EBay, I use it all the time and have only been burnt one time. I think that’s a pretty good record. I have bought cameras, books, fabric, clothes, shoes and more with the only problem being an ITouch.


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