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Sentimental Keepsakes in Blue

DIY picture frame made from ice cream sticks Contrary to what I try not to do- I keep almost everything. I am generally pretty good at letting go of broken toys, but some things here I have tried so many times and still end up hogging it.

I kept some of the boys' toys for Miss Trinity. The hand me down things came in handy, she made use of everything her brothers grew out of. It is amazing how quickly she goes through them because she is so very inquisitive. 

All the art projects that my boys made for me when they were little, I kept them all. I have their art projects, and homework, filed by the year. Although we might only look at them once every five to six years, they are safe and secure where I stored them.
The round stuff smiley toy was from my little boy. He was two when I took him and grandma to Pier 39 for the day. They had game booths there that day, and he won it by throwing a ball right into the cup first try. It was luck more than anything, but I was so proud of him. Being that he was only two, I was hoping he possessed some sort of talent, perfect aim? It didn't matter much, I was excited for him. My boy is now more into electronic than he is of his toys. So while he is slowly letting go of the tubs of toys, he sometimes re-visits our keepsake bins and have a good laugh at some of his odds and ends.

As for the glass elephant book end. I bought it because I was taken by the way the color blue looked against the clear glass. Other than that, I have had it for many years just sitting on my book shelf without ever looking at it very much. Then, again, every time I think about letting go, it ends up on the shelf again.
I wonder if I would miss them if they aren't around anymore?

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  1. With my 66th birthday just around the corner and the reality that I am going to have to move into much smaller environs, I have recently gone through some of my years of accumulated collections, the boy's "works of arts", etc, and discarded much. I asked each if they wanted them and, of course, they did not. What I did, though, was photograph everything and put it into folders, by years and grades of their lives so, at least, I have digital scrapbooks of it all and I've sent it to them and also made DVDs. They actually looked through them and wrote back and said they're glad to have it in this format.

  2. @RNSANE Wow, that is an excellent idea Carmen! I am excited now to try and condense my life. I am not sure why my boys always sound like they need so much attention from me, is it just them teasing? I hope they are ok with this format, I will ask them, thanks!

  3. It's just a thought for the future, Amanda...they are little now but just think how much you will amass by the time they are in high school!

  4. I'm usually good at throwing away things. I have a memory box for each of my children, but only very special things go in there, as we've still got years of collecting things...

    I love the idea of photographing things. I'll probably have to do that too.

  5. A keepsake bin is a good idea.

    Happy Blue Monday! Check out my book giveaway.

  6. i'm the worst at getting rid of little sentimental toys. how can you when you know how much it USED to mean to your child? haha!

    new follower! :)


  7. I myself keep things and I am reluctant on throwing them away, whereas my husband is on the opposite side. I like to keep some things. They remind me of certain periods of my life.

  8. Though are cute blue things you have!

  9. i didn't realize i had lots of earthly possessions i accumulated in the past. i only realized it when started sorting out my stuff weeks before i migrated here in the US. i gave some of them to my relatives and those that have sentimental value to me, i brought them with me here. and yes, there are still toys that i had when i was little and i just can't let it go. hahaha

  10. @Anne Lyken-Garner I think in this day and age, the portability is great. I really like Carmen's idea. :-)

  11. @Lolly Jane Yes, they always give me such a hard time about feeling inattentive. My boys are so needy. Smiles.

  12. @KaterinaMy problem is not being able to separate the like to keep and keep- so it all goes together and none gets tossed. Sigh.

  13. @ruthiFunny Ruthi, you still have toys? Luckily we left our country with clothes on our backs or else I probably would still have all mine. hahaha

  14. My children (grown now) are amazed at the things of theirs that I have kept. I think they find comfort in seeing them here because they finger them when they visit but don't want to take them home with them.


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