Your Insurance Coverages

It's that time of the year again, when I am faced with all the big insurance bills. It seemed as if the bills come quicker every year, or is it because time goes much faster as we get older. We have insurance for everything from home, life and business, so a review once a year could be good size project.

One thing for sure, many entrepreneurs do not have business insurance health. They are on their own and often complain the premium is too expensive. I realized isn't easy to find the right insurance company, or reasonable business insurance rates, but it is possible. It all boils down to finding the right company that has good references.

When you think about it, buying insurance could be overwhelming. It is because most people don't know how much insurance is needed. That is normal, and getting to the answer will happen eventually. Take one step at a time. Read as much as you can about insurance from the Department of Insurance in your state. Learn what is required to be cover in case something happens to you. Check for resources that could help counsel you on the topic or you can go to and browse the website. There is a lot of information, but you shouldn't be making an overnight decision anyways, so take your time and make sure you are comfortable with your choices.


  1. Very good advice, Amanda. One cannot afford to be without insurance, that's for sure. Several years ago, my laptop was stolen from my car ( it was several years old ) and State Farm replaced it with a new one, far better than the one I had ( for some reason, years ago, I had gotten insurance that would replace my items at current value ). I hadn't even remembered that but was it ever a relief!

  2. i hear you. it seems that i only work to pay my bills. hayyy.

  3. Amanda, insurance is crucial. Thanks for the advice.


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