Living Among Red Algae

 red algaeKnown as kelp and seaweed, the red algae can be found on the beaches of Santa Cruz. Although kelp is from the same family as seaweed, they are different in sizes. They are much larger, thicker and coarser in texture. Red algae lives among the beaches in Santa Cruz. They are leathery in texture, and come in colors of green and brown. Red algae can be found lying on the sand covered with flies Captured here are some that have adhered and attached themselves to large rocks. They do so to stay close to the water.

Photography is a treat because sometimes you don't see everything until you download the images and stare at it a while. If you click on the left picture below, you will see a white creature, or algae, type of living thing. That was my surprise, if you know what it is called, please share with us below. Thanks!

In the meantime you can read more about seaweed and its use in food, such as salad in this post Is Seaweed Healthy for You?
 red algae  red algae

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  1. I love your pictures. They remind me of summer that has just left us.

  2. Great post. I've never seen giant kelp or large algae until I came here in California. I also don't know that type of algae you're referring but I will try to look it up too. :)

  3. hmmmm... am not good in names. be it the name of flowers, birds, animals, or even people except for those i am already familiar with which are not really too many. so i don't think i can be of any help in the naming game.

    these algae are awesome. are they edible?

  4. Are they edible? They don't look appetizing.

  5. @Judy Sheldon-Walker Judy, I it doesn't sound like these algae are known for being edible, as they might belong to the toxic family. You're right, the do not look appetizing.

  6. @KaterinaSummer is so short this year. I am not happy about that.

  7. @SheyThe one in question is the white thingy with many tenticles. I don't didn't even know they were there.

  8. @RuthiJudy had the same question, while most algaes are edible. I believe these are not, only the ones from the marines, and I believe Santa Cruz isn't known to be marine, though I could be wrong. :-0

  9. I love seaweed, especially wakame or seaweed salad but it is pretty expensive on most menus. My girlfriend, who is a nurse practitioner took a whole class on seaweed and goes out to Bodega Bay and other places and collects her own seaweed, cleans it, etc, and uses it for various things - sushi, salad, soups, etc!


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