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Glass Tiles for My Bathroom

These are pictures from our bathroom remodeling project. First the pipe that attached the shower head fell off, then the toilet wouldn't work properly, on top of that we inherited from our home purchase the loud noise in the pipeline every time we turn on the faucet. These were all plumbing problems and we had them fixed, but you know how one thing leads to another.

We ended up having to replace the sink entirely, change a new shower head. We are painting over the green color with an oyster color. We, well, my SO have sanded and refinished the cabinets, now it looks brand new! But we are looking to replace the tile on the walls of the shower, you see there. Yuk, in the 80's these tiles and big dark grouts were “hot”...really? I don't like them. They are everywhere in our house, they make me feel like things are always dirty. We always joked that if HGTV were looking for an easy make over, our house would be such a great project for them.

My SO is totally in love with glass colored bathroom tiles, and this would be a good little area to update. There are so many to choose from at the glasstilestore.com, they have subway tiles, and just about any type and style so suit one's taste. Their prices are half of what the list price is, on top of that they have sales, so take a look at the red price tags. It isn't hard to fall in love with the glass tiles, it didn't take me long to pick out the three below. I thought about scattering them within another type of tile, but which?

I am confused, unless I can get some sample tiles to see and touch, and work with the angles. Then I saw there on top of the webpage "buy three and get the fourth sample free", I think they must have read my mind!
I wish it was this easy with other projects we are trying to do in our home. Why they even have "Free Shipping", so as a bargain hunter, for some things- I am thrilled at what I am seeing on the website, and can't wait to get started.

Tonight, I am going search for an easy way to destroy the ugly tiles with the fat brown grout lines that we currently have.

Thanks for stopping by today. Let me know what you think of the tiles I picked out, and which one could you see for your bathroom?

Images other than Self Sagacity's is courtesy of GlassTilesStore.com
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  1. All the best with the remodeling project!

  2. I like your blog's color!

    Owning a house is like having endless projects..If it's not one thing than it's another!

  3. i like the blues... good luck!
    thanks for the birthday wishes!

  4. My bathroom needs updating too. My problem is not the tiles... it's the one who will do the updating. You see Hubby is a carpenter and a handyman. But when it comes to our own renovation... it will take ages before it will be done. hahaha maybe because he doesn't get paid to work on his own house. wink* But with the right motivation I can make him work. I just need to be very creative hahaha.

    I like the first photo of the tiles that looks like a placemat. I love the color and tha pattern. It has an Asian appeal to me and I am bias on that aspect because I am Asian. LOL.

  5. wow, those are very creative tile designs, i am more drawn towards the brown but the blue looks really unique too. indeed the old designs used grout and it gets dirty so easily :(

  6. You look beautiful in your new photo!!!!! :) I love it!!!!! :)

    You know, I was studying to be an interior designer (one of the many courses I attempted to finish, all of which I abandoned to return to writing) .. and I want to let you know that I studied how dangerous it is to be exposed to broken tiles. Broken tiles contain asbestos which can cause lung cancer and other more immediate illnesses such as extreme allergic reactions. If I recall well, it may also cause sudden lung malfunctions. NEVER break tiles or be exposed to broken tiles. Better put all the old tiles into a big sack, seal it, and take it to your local recyclers. Let them deal with it. :)

    Thank you for your visit over at my place. :) I love your visits! :)

    Sometimes, it's more complicated than just flying over to the one you love. Sometimes, there are things you can't control...and you can't just jump on a plane. :)


  7. This is exactly what we're doing at the moment - redecorating. I like glass tiles, providing they're big. I find small tiles difficult to clean when they get older. This is because there's so much grout space to get dirty in between them.

  8. I like blue in bathrooms. I guess it is because of all the water? I have sea shells and star fish on my walls and blue trim. I want to do something too, but don't know what.

  9. @Kala Thanks Kala, still debating on the design!

  10. @Mumsy It was an accident. I really didn't want the blog to have that much color. :_(

  11. @~ Noelle The blues are mine favorite design too.

  12. @ruthi You know I hate waiting for the guys to get to work too, but a lot of things require muscle, and I have a lot less than my hubby, so I have to wait...bla.

  13. @betchai I think the bubble ones are cute too, I kind of like those shades for the bathroom.

  14. @C Thanks for your compliment, I understand about asbestos. But homes which were build later than 1975 is free of asbestos. Though your comments are absolutely true.

  15. @Anne Lyken-Garner Oh those groutlines. What you see here is the design of one big tile. Yes, they come glued together already, but the colors give them the 3D effect. I am with you about the cleaning ;-)

  16. @Judy Sheldon-Walker Oh I can't wait to display all my shells again. Miss T won't leave them a lone now.

  17. A project but a fun one :) I like the brown for it's earthy look but the blue has that aquatic effect which would be really cool for a bathroom as well. Great designs.

  18. Wow, it’s very nice of your bathroom pictures. Thanks for sharing this
    nice post.


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