Top 10 Ideas for Shower Cubicle Remodel

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Over the decades bathroom layouts and people’s lifestyles have progressed into simpler living. Shower cubicles are becoming more preferable over bathtubs. We are finding that bathtubs are not being used as much, and if anything, they are taking up prime space. Similarly, people are seeking great-room layouts in a home rather than the unused formal living and dining rooms. Newer homes now have shower cubicles that are more spacious with spa like feeling. It is a place for refuge after a hard workout, a long day at work, and wake-up calls in the mornings. That said, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Ideas for Shower Cubicle Remodels below. Learn what has worked and what didn’t, the areas to consider and what to watch out for.

larger size shower 1) Shower Cubicle Size: While new homes are still being built with bathtubs and living rooms, these two items are almost unused in many homes. The good news is that shower stalls have adjusted in size, taking more real estate in the bathrooms. The standard shower cubicle are 3x3 feet, more updated shower cubicles are 4x6 feet, and showers with doors call for 5x7 feet. This means, homebuilders are trying to keep up with today's lifestyles and demands, which will yield more pleasant experience of your bathrooms.

2, 3, 4) Water Fixture Considerations: There are actually three parts to this section when we speak of water efficient fixtures. The first one is the fixture or accessory itself. A flowing shower head with massaging capability is nice to have, but don’t forget about the water-efficient options. There are low flow shower heads that can provide a satisfying pulse, such as the rain shower heads, while still meet the flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute. Water efficient models bathroom fixtures have become more efficient, but the trend toward tricked-out showers, multiple shower heads and body sprays, will likely result in your water and energy use going up.

Second, the pipe that leads the water out from your showers or bathrooms to the sewage. If you’re upgrading your bathroom and showers to bigger space and better shower fixtures, even with water sense accessories, you’re might need to upgrade the existing drain and plumbing line. A lot of the plumbing codes might require that you have ¾ inch pipes and therefore a resize to your existing your water lines from ½ inch. This upgrade can run from hundreds to a few thousand depending on how old your house is and if a permit is called for.

shower head And the thirdly is the water heater, which is the most important fixture that will provide you with adequate temperature for those spa-like experience. Having the nice fixtures may require you to upgrade your water heater. Consider the tank-less water systems. The initial cost is mostly likely to be twice as much depending on the brand you choose, but in the long run, it will save you tons of money. Not only tank-less water heaters will save you money, it is energy efficient. The system only heats up when you use the water, otherwise, it remains on standby or off.

5) Sufficient Ventilation: Have you been in a bathroom that just smells like mildew? Generally old homes were built with less than sufficient ventilation. If there is no window or a good vent, the moisture gets trapped. Moisture not only breeds mold and mildew, it can take a toll on finishes and painted surfaces. The 50 cubic feet per minute is the guideline for every 100 square feet. Consider a humidity-sensing unit that will automatically turn on and off depending on the amount of moisture in the air. And if you are enlarging your shower cubicles or it is an L shape, two fans or a more powerful fan might be necessary. Also if you can help it, don’t rule out the power of a built-in window.

shower light
6) Light: A standard ceiling fixture alone isn’t enough for bathrooms that don’t have abundant natural light. Without additional task lights and mounted fixtures on the vanity, you might end up with shadows on your face from the above lighting. The shower should also have a dedicated task light, such as a recessed canister light. Most importantly, think energy efficient, and or LED bulbs. LEDs last longer, provides more illumination with less watts. Also think about adding dimmer switches and light levels so that you can control the amount of lighting in the area.

7) Storage: is important everywhere, but have you ever been in a shower cubicle where there is absolutely no place to hang the towels within reach? Can you recall running to the linen closet being wet and cold? Another mistake that a lot of installer made is not having even an shelf to place shampoo and soap. Having to having to bend up and down to reach for your shampoo and conditioner in the shower cubicles is not fun! Don’t built a shower cubicle that do not offer these conveniences. You might regret it.

glass tiles and small grouts

8) Cleaning: Let’s face it; if you are working a day job, it’s likely that you will not have much time to clean. So unless you have a maid or a housecleaner that will come in for the task, consider the cleaning aspects when you are choosing your shower cubicle surroundings. The smaller the grout and tiles the harder it is to clean and keep clean. Use larger slabs and easy to clean materials. It will look good longer and you will be much more happy.

9) Touch and Feel First:  The Internet is fabulous in giving us a database at our fingertips. It’s wonderful to see what is offer and how much roughly it is going to cost, but there is a huge disconnect still, and that is the ability to feel the product online. Don’t buy your materials without seeing and feeling them in person. After all, the shower cubicle as I’ve mentioned earlier is a place you go to everyday. You are going to need to pay careful attention to the materials you chose for it.

10) Use Professionals: Do it yourself is very cost effective, but what we found is that a lot of DIY homes are hodgepodge. It is how we feel that moment in time. The best way is to get a designer to layout the colors and the styles so that it will flow in your home. Then you can still DIY – be the project manager, hire your plumber, electricians, and your tile setters. There are a lot that goes into remodeling a shower cubicle and you can’t do it all. Professionals do it everyday as their main gig, what might take them a couple of hours, could cost you every weekend for the entirely year! Sound scary? That has happened to many of our DIYers. So it’s not so far fetch. Time is money, get it done and enjoy the results. http://www.bathandshower.com/shower-enclosures-categories.html/
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  1. I love the idea of this.
    I clean our tub every week and say to myself I'll get in sometime and it never happens.

    1. Ohhh, we just never have enough time for ourselves.It's a shame, I don't take many baths, showers are more common for moms.

  2. We could use a remodel in our master bath. I'd love to redo at least the shower.

    1. I think ours will have to wait another five years. We are working on the kitchen, and it's taking us several years to decide what we want and need.

  3. I want a walk-in type shower, no tub! A separate tub (claw and ball kind) would be nice. But, getting in and out of a tub/shower daily is tricky and I worry about this as we get older. When we are in our 70s, 80s, and 90s that will be a difficult thing to do. Our next house will have a shower cubicle in the master bath for sure. Good pointers!

    1. You're right about those tubs, as we get older, showers are more practical. We will need to get in and shower easily. I have a pretty good size shower, but not great in layout. I would love to have a remodel job!

  4. I love to soak in a hot bathtub like many japanese. I use bathtub rather than shower. By soaking in hot bathtub,my stiff shoulders pass away. I like hot spring,too. Your plan is very smart!

  5. We redid our girls bathroom ourselves 2 years ago. It was a big job, but one I would love to take on again. As soon as we get the money, I am so excited to start on our master bath!

  6. Great post!! I liked these ideas for shower cubicle remodels. I was checking constantly this blog and I’m impressed! I am thankful to you for providing us with this selective information.
    Posted by: Jack Graham | Cascada Bathrooms


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