Pink Hydrangea Party

I might be a worry whopper, but I don't like doing things last minute unless I am absolutely sure I don't care about whatever "it" is. I started planning for Miss T's Birthday Party seven weeks away from the actual date, which was when I bought this Hydrangea Macrophylla. And since it will be her first Birthday party ever, I wanted to make sure it is very special.

Hydrangeas have been making their way into my heart. They are so beautiful when healthy and well cared for. As an inspired propagator, I tried to multiply the Hydrangea Mopheads with rooting hormones by water and by soil and none had yield much success. I've also tried planting a grown hydrangea to the ground, but did not see it again after the blooms. I stuck to the lighting instruction of morning sun and afternoon shade, but no matter where I've placed the hydrangeas, I couldn't keep it alive after the blooms. That leads me to share another one of my secrets today, I live by: try and try again.

I saw this beauty and chose it for the barely blooming buds it had. I was hoping it will fully bloom by next month for T's Birth Day. Unfortunately, all the buds bloomed a few days after I brought it home, but I was thrilled to see such a gorgeous Pink Hydrangea. It gave me an idea to use it as displays for the Birthday Party. This is how they became my Pink Hydrangea Party flower.

Honestly, could the whole party preparation be a way for me to convince my SO to plant more flowers in the yard? You know how those male brain works, if the reason is presented in a matter of importance, then it becomes a priority, if not it will go on the honey do list.

T and I wrapped the table with one of the Birthday Party table covers to see what it would look like, so this is just a peek for now. I hope to show you the whole backyard on T's Birthday post on July 17~
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  1. Just lovely - I agree they are beautiful!

  2. That is a hot color pink! I love hydrangea too, and bought one last year for the front garden. Only two branches are blooming right now..but I am so happy though.

  3. A very beautiful color pink and I love seeing them all over. They are gorgeous.

  4. Hey!!! Those flowers is BEAutiful! I adore the colour.

  5. it's a very pretty flower, however, i have not tried my hands on this plant.

  6. It's very beautiful and looks healthy at the camera rehearsal. I hope it stays so till the big day comes.
    I like your philosophy about how to make things to become a priority.
    Thanks for the lovely contribution to Macro Flowers Saturday!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Ooooh it's so pretty in here today. I just have to say that I never had any trouble propogating hydrangeas when we lived in GA. All we had to do was put one of the stems down on the ground and weight it down. Roots grew all up and down the stem depending on where there was a joint. It may have something to do with the variety of plant. No matter, yours are gorgeous. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  8. It's a beautiful hydrangea. I wish I could grow that variety here in Ontario but it's just too darn cold in winter here. I do have several other hydrangeas though, the white hardy kinds. :)

  9. Hot pink flower! A very nice subject for photography. Bravo!

  10. Oh these flowers are so gorgeous!

    Happy PS!
    "Do these shoes match this purse?"

  11. Wow what gorgeous puffy blooms on these hydranges. I love them.
    Happy Pink Saturday to you

  12. I don't think I've ever seen a hydrangea like your hot pink one! It's gorgeous, and I wish mine was as vibrant!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  13. I've always loved hydrangeas.

  14. This pink is really pretty. Imagine using the petals as confetti.

    I had a blue bush, but not any more.


  15. That's such a stunning shade of pink and they blossomed so nicely!

  16. Hydrangea a couple times in April to make sure it gets to the roots and then in the summer when it blooms it is a beautiful Blue.You need to do this every Spring to have the blue color or you will have a pink Hydrangea..


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