Wife Swap

Guest post written by Rachel Holowell
The concept of "Wife Swap" is so simple that it works beautifully. Like almost any other reality TV show, it operates on drama that is generated by pitting dissimilar people against each other.

But it’s actually down to kind of a formula. Swaps are made between either religious families and alternative families or frugal and super-spending families. However, that formula seems to work pretty well because there is always, always conflict among the families and visiting wives.
Re-runs air for several hours on TV every day, but I also like to watch clips of my favorite episodes online. But I haven’t always been able to do that. I used to have dial=up, which was virtually the only internet service available in my area but I came across some satellite internet specials one day and switched over to a new internet provider. Now I get to watch clips without having to wait forever for them to load.I also like to keep up with all the feedback on blogs because of especially crazy participants and the drama that ensues.
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  1. I am amazed at the things they come up with television shows - wife swapping. I've known a couple of people who belonged to wife swapping groups and it really turned me off. I would prefer that people watch tv shows and live out their fantasies that way than to get involved.

  2. I've seen it a few times and it can be pretty funny. I have to say though, with all of these so called reality shows, how can they actually call them reality shows when there are cameras on them and they are being filmed. I don't seen the reality in that. When someone is on camera they will automatically act somewhat different than they would in real life. Most of these are being directed and manipulated for dramatic purposes.

  3. Yet another formula for a show that US television has bought from the UK. I've seen it. It can be funny sometimes.

  4. @Poetic Shutterbug I think you're right about the reality shows being taped and cut to accentuate to the desires of the directors. It's not true life, because if it was there are a lot of dead time.

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