Wind-up Pig and Wind-up Thought

This little pig plays music and marches! Would you believe it's only an inch and a half in height? She is a wind-up toy but has so much to offer! She marches and her arm beats to the music.
My mama, daughter and I were fascinated by this pig. We probably tried all 50 other toys and all agreed this was the best creation.

Although these types of toys are not Educational kids toys, they were quite impressive on their own. Now a day it is hard to find action toys that are not battery operated, or have some computer software attached. I bought many toys for Trinity in hopes that it would be a great learning experience for her too, but usually ended up disappointed. On the other hand, there are some that I didn't think much of and they turned out to be one of the most played toys.

As parents we all try to do what's best, but sometimes, I wonder if that's something we ever give ourselves credit for. I mean, it's rare that we actually pat ourselves in the back while not worry about something else. What's more, there are so many other influences that mold and shape them to who they are. Everything that they do have an impact on their lives. The doors they decided to open, or kept closed. The outcomes of acting verses not acting are what either bring them more opportunities, or limited them to just what they have.

I was working like a mad woman when my boys were small. I have lived both world of not being able to stay home and now a stay home mom. There are big differences in the child's life with a stay at home mom. They are exposed to more activities, because someone is there to be the chauffeur. Even though, I feel very good about being home, there are times when this mama displayed personalities and moods that she didn’t know she had.

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  1. hard to imagine indeed it is only 1.5 inch tall, it is very cute though. i think there are many benefits for a child to have a stay at home mom, that is why a lot i know gave up their careers temporarily to raise their child, and with no regrets for the child grew up with more modeling as thus shows more maturity and responsibility and thoughtfulness.

  2. @betchaiYes, the old fashion way, where moms stay home and dad works still seems to be the best way to run a family. Though I understand there are exceptions.

  3. In the olden days there weren't many opportunities for woman. I see a lot in the world outside my house:) When I was a kid, getting to play with an electronic toy was SOMETHING! Most of the time it was either the soft toys/board games.

  4. How cute. I have a whole little collection of windup toys. My two favourites are PacMan and R2D2. My daughters loved playing with them when they were small. Happy Pink Saturday.

  5. It's a very difficult decision to make, work or home, but I have to say that women have it harder than men. After work, they still have meals to cook, house work to finish, and children to care for. Then for the at home moms, the chores and duties go on non-stop.

    Great post!

  6. Ok, that pig is just too cute. Would love to see it play. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  7. What a great post, thank you for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday! Esther XX

  8. I like those little windup toys! My kids used to have some..

  9. Children will entertain themselves with most anything. My sister and I used to use Dad's table jig saw and scrap wood and make things. We loved it. We cried when he sold it. Our parents both worked, and so have we, but even if a parent doesn't work outside the home, there is much to do at home.


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