Shopping Square in San Francisco

San Francisco Union Square shopping central is a part of my world in the way that I do live in Northern California, but on the other hand it isn’t my world because shopping isn't my cup of tea. I rather be admiring the building architectures than browsing the boutiques. Am I odd for a woman? Most females I know LOVE shopping. Perhaps it's because shopping is classified as an extravagance to me. It is considered irresponsible and a waste of my time.

I snapped these photos while in San Francisco for a conference last year. I was among five hundred women entrepreneurs attending a three-day conference. The one thing we all had in common was two worlds, a work life that stimulate our intelligence and a domestic life that dulls it for being repetitious. Before we all got serious in the lengthy agenda, we had a break the ice kind of moment regarding the uniqueness of the beaded lanyards we had on our necks. Because of its style and feminine design for this particular conference, it was the perfect souvenier.

One day while on our lunch breaks, a group of us took a stroll around these shops. Many of the women in my group were very spontaneous, but I was being a shopping pessimist and wasn’t impressed unless something seemed like a real bargain. I became very calculated after I joined motherhood, and have changed the way I shop. Focus, find and check-off is my "motto" now.

DSC03729 DSC03742

Nevertheless, I have changed over the years, so perhaps 15 years from now I might find it relaxing to shop.
Could this happen? Some of you are already enjoying your early retirement from the rat race, are you feeling relax and doing the things you wanted to do? Do you have fewer responsibilities and more free time? Please tell me that retirement is something I would look forward to...

DSC03655 DSC03686

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  1. I don't like shopping that much, especially for clothes and shoes, but I do go to the shops some times just to browse and watching people :-)

    I'm one that can't do spontaneous purchases! You're not alone.

  2. oh, retirement is something i really look forward to Amanda, I would love to just simply enjoy the outside world, hike, swim, boogie board, snorkel, aaaah, so many things to do, so little time. but definitely, shopping won't be in my list, i am like you, i am no typical woman either, i don't find therapy in shopping, i shop of course, but only for things i need and the things that support my pursuit of leisure in the outdoors.

  3. Well, you were in one of the most expensive areas of San Francisco for shopping. I used to love to shop when I was younger, now I am trying to shed more and more each day.

  4. I think I would love retirement. I would love not having a time table and being able to do exactly as I please without anyone to bother me. I love life, people and family. I also love my own company and my independence. I'm not there yet, so we're in the same boat.
    Sounds like you had a rewarding time at your conference.

  5. I'm no where near retirement, since I'm always working on the computer anyway..Different people have different choices to make, but none of them is easy.

    Beautiful photos.

  6. I'm not a shopper. Like you, I think it's a huge waste of time. Besides, I don't like being manipulated by marketers who want me to believe I need whatever they are selling. I'd much rather be out with my camera.

  7. I love thrift shopping. I love to get something for practically nothing, but hate paying full price.

    Nice pics. Sounds like you enjoyed the trip.


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