Pacify Rice Porridge

My mother used to make me Rice Porridge when I was younger and didn't feel well. She said it would make me feel better. Mom was always right. I could never refused the flavor and consistency especially the love that came from the bowl of soup she made for me. It is a plain, nothing fancy food, but yet, it's so very yummy to me when I was sick.
Now, I cook Rice Porridge for myself, my family and for mom. It's a great way to use your left over rice. Sometimes we like to eat Rice Porridge even when we are not sick, because it is delicious on a cold, rainy day.

Porridge as described by Wikipedia could be made from oats or other grains. My experience has always been with Rice Porridge, and my simple cooking method can be found below the photographs.

Preparation: Take left over rice [2 cups] and start by slow cooking it in a deep pot until the rice become very fine in texture. Add water to the pot as needed whenever the water gets low. Stirring frequently while keeping the consistency rather thick.
In a pan sate half a medium sized minced yellow onion. At this time you have the option of adding minced shrimp or ground beef. Once all the ingredients are golden brown mixed it with the rice and season to taste. Bring to a boil once. Thereafter, scoop the Rice Porridge into a bowl and garnish it with cilantro, fried onion and black pepper.
Rice Porridge is flexible and can be cooked with many other ingredients that would be perfectly delicious as well, such as chicken, scallop, etc. What ever floats your boat - you decide on the flavor.

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  1. mmmm, I always like it with ginger and slices of hard boiled eggs. You are right about eating it when under the weather. It always makes me feel better too.

  2. Gorgeous presentation and looks delicious!

    It's snowing again here today, so I might make some for lunch.

  3. what a beautiful presentation. my grandmother made rice porridge when we were sick and had no appetite, with just a pinch of salt added. she said it was better than an empty stomach.

  4. I love rice porridge,especially with roasted mince garlic toppings!

  5. Thanks for stopping by all. Yes, I think everyone has a special way of serving this porridge and I love them all too. :-)

  6. That looks delicious and I love porridge so rice porridge with scallops looks like a hit to me.

  7. I have never had Rice Porridge before, but it sounds like delicious comfort food and your pictures are beautiful!

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  9. p.s. I love rice, but never had a rice porridge. Thank you for the recipie - definitely will check it out. The one you made looks very pretty! Great presentation

  10. lugaw it is! yum!!! and sick or not, I enjoy it to bits... those crunchy garlic makes it more tastier.. hhhmm... i miss my lola!

  11. yum, i'm a singaporean chinese, so this is true comfort food for me! ah, that looks delicious, miss home now.


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