Beautiful Blogger Award

Beautiful Blogger Award Badge

I am in be receiving the Beautiful Blogger award from Raw Thoughts and Feelings -Thank you!!! I started my blogging journey since October 2009 by contributing for Blessing Reflections. This was where and how blogging became a part of my life. I have been happily sleeping less to find time to create, write and share.

December 3rd, 2009 I accidentally took my "in preparation" blog "live" and Self Sagacity was prematurely born. Since then I found the need to strive for delivering a unique blog and incorporating my voice. I wanted Self Sagacity to have a lot of "me statements", because it is an extension of my life and style. I like to stay true to my opinions and myself, and never meant for any of my thoughts to be offensive.

During these months while learning I've been intrigued by many blogs, but I have to stop and breathe when I stumbled upon a blog with the boldness to be vulnerable. One late night or early morning, I landed on Raw Thoughts and Feelings, a blog with deeper thoughts and feelings, unique and transparent. It drew me in to wanting to learn more about the author and her life - Mumsy is a Beautiful Blogger who is honest with her feelings. A writer who is bold enough to share her life story and deepest thoughts. Raw Thoughts and Feelings is a living, breathing life and past life of the artist. It is refreshing to be reading a biography, true feelings and honesty. If you are that type of reader / blogger I invite you to visit Raw Thoughts and Feelings.

I would like to thank EVERYONE for your support, though the bloggers mentioned above have spent tremendous time on my blog and have been very supportive. This is one of the ways I could think of to thank them for their time and loyalty. Thank you so much to everyone again, I will have my second pass-on the next four coming soon.

The rules for accepting this award are:
Thank and link to the person who gave you the award.
Pass the award on to 7 bloggers you find are Beautiful Bloggers and state why.
State 7 things about yourself.


  1. Thank you very much for thinking of me! I'll have to work on this..

  2. I don't mean for the acceptors to have to work so hard... So within your own efforts, do what you are comfortable with, for example - I didn't state seven things about myself yet, because I will do this in two separate posts. Thanks for accepting IcyBC.

  3. Thank you for this award, and congratulations on receiving it, as well, and I will post this, but not now, as I will find a strategic time to add this valuable award to my award page. :)

    I put all the awards I receive onto 1 page, and post it in between my writings and other posts that I make, when I see it a proper time. :) Then I save the page back to draft after a few days or a week, to hide the page again. :) It's an "elusive" award page. ^^

    Thank you again,

  4. Charity, thanks for accepting the award. I look forward to your post between your writings and song writing. :-)

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  6. Thanks Fredamans. Anonymous, thank you for your comment. Hope you'll come see me again soon. ;-)

  7. Congratulations on your award! You blog is so acommplished that I am finding hard to believe you only started in October of 2009.
    You write very well, and have a lot of intersting content!
    I told you before that we have a good match on interests :-)

  8. i really enjoy your posting way, very remarkable.
    don't give up as well as keep creating as a result it simply just well worth to follow it,
    looking forward to look into way more of your posts, have a good day ;)

  9. Self Sagacity, I must have been so blown away by the honor that I forgot to leave my comment. You seldom catch me speechless. :-) Thanks so much. I am truly touched and am working on my post.

    Take care & God bless!

  10. Dear author I read your article, the mood becomes happy, thank you for your selfless dedication.

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