Easy And Healthy Snack Recipes For The Fall


The fall can be a great time of year for many reasons. The temperature is dropping, it’s peak hoodie season, and the smell of pumpkin spice is the air. Perhaps the best thing about fall is the wide variety of healthy snack recipes that are available. These recipes cover a wide palette of flavors, ensuring that you’ll have a healthy snack recipe no matter what type of food you enjoy. In addition, these recipes are easy to make, meaning you don’t have to take too much time from tasks like work or searching for the perfect Grand Rapids real estate. Having snack recipes that are both delicious and provide essential vitamins and nutrients is a major plus, just one reason why fall is such a great season. So what are the best healthy snack recipes to make this upcoming fall season? Let's take a look. 

Pumpkin Hummus

It's no secret that pumpkin is a critical element of the fall season. You can’t go anywhere during the fall without running into pumpkin flavored or scented products. Another big trend is hummus, a food that is making its rounds as a very healthy snack option. If you combine the two, its no surprise that the result would be a huge hit and would be the perfect easy and healthy snack recipe for the fall. The classic pumpkin taste mixes in well with the other hummus ingredients, making for a great fall snack. Eat your pumpkin hummus with some crackers or pretzels, and you’ll have an extremely easy and delicious snack on your hands. It's not hard to make pumpkin hummus, but it definitely is delicious. 

Apple Cinnamon Oats

Another classic fall flavor is apple. During the fall, you can find many different types of apple products like apple cider and apple pie. However, one apple recipe you can make at home is apple cinnamon oatmeal. Simply add fresh apples, apple pie spice, cinnamon, and old fashioned oats, and you can have a delicious snack in next to no time at all. Both apples and oatmeal are delicious and have many nutritional values, so combining them creates a great snack with lots of health benefits. If you want an easy and healthy snack this fall, making apple cinnamon oats may be among your best options.

Carrot Cake Smoothie

A classic healthy snack has always been a smoothie. Smoothies usually pack lots of fruits and vegetables, meaning they have lots of vitamins and nutrients in them. In addition, smoothies aren’t really that filling and don’t have that many calories in them, making them the perfect snack food. An interesting and healthy smoothie that you can make is a carrot cake smoothie, a smoothie that can provide many vitamins and nutrients. Simply blend carrots and bananas with milk and spices like cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, and ginger. The carrot cake smoothie is a snack that is not only sweet and healthy, but is also extremely easy to make. If you want a healthy snack this fall, try whipping up a carrot cake smoothie.

Winter Squash Boats

Pizza has been a staple snack food, even though the dish is not the healthiest. Thankfully, winter squash boats can allow you to enjoy a healthy pizza substitute with a little fall twist. Cook your butternut squash with some of your favorite pizza toppings like sauce and cheese, and you have the perfect pizza substitute. Although the dish’s texture may differ a little, the taste will largely be the same. However, winter squash boats are much healthier than their counterparts, and they’re also much easier to make. If you want to make a quick and healthy snack this summer, you should definitely consider making some winter squash boats. 

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