How to Make Your Home Smell Good

Cheap Ways to Make Your House Smell Good

Sometimes I forget that I already have a lot of the ingredients in my house to create fragrance, good smell and deodorizers for the home. To think about it, most of the essential oils use and are made from peppermint, rosemary, cinnamon, lemon, orange, etc.

All these ingredients can be found in our kitchens, gardens, or cupboards - at least mine.
While having a text conversation with my family today, I realized, since I am stuck at home anyways, I might as well try more recipes and see how they turn out. I've scouted through the internet and found some recipes with ingredients that I know I have.
Below are the six that I found with very simple ingredients that you might like to try yourself. I am starting today.

TIP: If you cook Pho, you would have most of these already.         

6 Recipes Using Home Ingredients for Deodorizing and Wonderful Smelling Home

Bay Leaf Simmer Pot
•5 bay leaves
•1 Tablespoon whole cloves
•2 sticks cinnamon

Creamsicle Simmer Pot
•a few drops vanilla extract
•orange peels or orange slices

Lemon & Orange Simmer Pot
•peel from 1 lemon (or lemon slices)
•peel from 1 orange (or orange slices)
•2 bay leaves
•3 cinnamon sticks
•2 Tablespoons whole cloves

Colorful Cranberry Simmer Pot
•orange slices
•lemon slices
•cinnamon sticks
•a dash of nutmeg
•1 tsp cloves
•a handful of cranberries

Cinnamon Apple Simmer Pot
•cinnamon sticks
•apple peels
•orange rinds
•whole cloves

Lemon Rosemary:
•Pint sized mason jar
•2 small lemons
•2-3 sprigs of rosemary
•1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Credit to: The top five are from and the last one "lemon Rosemary and the photo are from, well, I lost track of my surfing. Thank you both for putting together this to follow list.