But You're a Blogger? But I am NOT Wikipedia! Thursday Two Questions #143

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Has anyone ever said this to you? "...but you're a Blogger." Many people seemed to perceive Bloggers to be dictionaries, Wikipedia, Thesaurus, and Google search.

And what's more, they think that Bloggers are headline news seekers. Was it because of the show House of Cards?
The comment "...but you're a Blogger" usually comes after a question about something that a blogger is supposed to know, and it puzzles me of late. Especially, since I watched the show: "House of Cards" on Netflix. One of the cast members is a reporter, who also blogs as part of "marketing her news."

The show made it look like all reporters are bloggers, and that the bloggers are "the" front line news source 24 hours a day. The image the show portrayed of Bloggers was like reporters - thirsty news reporters who thrives on the latest and greatest headline posts. And vice-verse, they probably made some people who watch the House of Cards show think that bloggers are thirsty news reporters. Maybe reporters are Bloggers too, but the two fields are not the same. I was asked this question by someone who watches this show, so I couldn't help but think the show has something to do with why the person said that to me. haha

Like any career, jobs, or hobbies, there are all sorts of personalities, specialties, and expertise. Just because a person blogs, it doesn't mean she is a dictionary. That she has to know everything. No one knows everything. Even the dictionary still needs the thesaurus, the Wikipedia, and the internet. There are different sources for different areas of expertise. Even Google, Yahoo, and Bing they are all search engines, yet, still they do not have everything the other engine has.

Bloggers come in all different kinds of expertise. Some blog about travel, some blog about crafts, some blog about "whatever." So why do people think that a blogger should know everything...very strange to me. Maybe I am the odd one here again, but I find it very shallow that people who can think, or can say that, knows very little about anything. haha

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #143
1) Has anyone ever said to you: "...but you're a Blogger?"
Yes. I was speechless because, I thought "wow" you must also think that there is only one type of doctor?
2) Do you think the perception of the "general population of bloggers" is correct or incorrect?
Incorrect image. Perhaps the 24 hour bloggers are the successful ones (let's just say that for the sake of differentiation), but most bloggers don't all blog 24 hours a day and know about every subject. Bloggers are not thirsty news reporters. People blog for different reasons. I don't go chasing news and I don't provide news. If anything, I reminisce on the past and don't predict futures either.

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  1. thankfully, no one has said about that to me yet, as if expecting I know everything :)

    if the perception of general public about bloggers to know everything, then, they are wrong, haha, i only know about sharing the joys i found in nature, and a little bit here and there

  2. I think some people feel that we should know about something or go dig it out like a "blogger"
    Something a long the lines of bloggers are very curious.

  3. If someone wants some answers from me, they are asking the wrong blogger. I don't know much about anything lol. I just like to blog about my family, so unless it's about that, you would get far asking me any questions lol.

    1. Funny, I think it is true of some percent of bloggers - blogging for personal reasons. So what did you do yesterday with your kids? haha

  4. No one said that to me so far and I don't think they will dare say such things to me. But they do have great respect for mommy bloggers here in Singapore.

    1. That's interesting to know, it certainly isn't easy being a mom already and to be a blogger too should be respected. smiles.

  5. I haven't experienced the "know-it-all" complex but I have experienced the putting all bloggers in one category and assuming we just sit in front of a computer all day, chatting it up with one another and having tons of fun. Don't get me wrong - it's fun, but there's true work involved with the content I put on my site. Great questions!

    1. I always thought blogging isn't easy. It is a lot of hard work and it is about research, so there is a lot of time consumed. Knowledge is acquired through the research but the subject has to be query. Thanks for your comment.

  6. No one has ever said that to me, and I'm not sure how I'd handle it, but it's good to think about .

    2. Yes and No.
    Because I've been in the bloggers community and see how some bloggers behave, it's hard for me to trust bloggers.


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