Are Dreams Extensions of Your Thoughts? Thursday Two Questions #135

My dreams come true. Not all, but some have taken years to happen, while others happened within a short time frame. The dreams that have come true are the ones I dreamed more than once about, and dreams I can remember. It scares me that I might dream about something I don't want to happen. So, before I go to sleep I usually prayed that I will dream "something good", then I leave it up to God and my mind to take me to those wonderful places.
Usually dreams about my relatives are not pleasant. It's either about something that has dramatized me, or something that is unsettling. But, last night I dreamed of my dad and it was to my surprise, very pleasant. I don't recall anything he said specifically, but I felt the visit was good and long. I just remember one thing, I told him: "Wow, you look great! You look so young!" The whole feel about my dream was that he came to explain something, and afterwards I was much at ease. I don't remember what it was that I was questioning him about, because in real life, I don't live with any die hard questions that I must ask him about. Unless, he came to ease my raveling thoughts about something very important to me or to someone I know. It might be a sign of him telling me to trust my heart, follow what I feel, and everything will be fine. The dream felt so real. I woke up thinking he was still among us. I felt like I was there with him and it was nice to have felt his presence.

Don't ask me why I haven't gotten rich already, or be the happiest person on this earth with the power to dream of the future to reap those benefits. It doesn't work that way unfortunately. I can't choose the dreams, nor can I choose when I dream about it. But believe me, I have tried in every way to train my mind to dream "something really good!"

 Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions:
1) Are dreams extensions of your thoughts? 2) Do you know anyone that doesn't dream? (I know someone who doesn't remember the dreams at all, so it is almost the same as not dreaming)

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  1. Amanda, this subject has always interested and fascinated me. Like you, dreams of my relatives are never good :)

    I think dreams are rooted partly in reality and what you experience on a daily basis. I also think (and some of you may find this strange) that some dreams are rooted in our past lives. I do believe in past lives.

    There are many times when I am dreaming that I see someone I recognize from my daily life who doesn't at all look like that person. In other words it is a different time and they are not the person in my daily life but in the dream they are. I hope that makes sense.

    My Dad was one who never had a dream or more to the point never remembered any dreams.

    1. That's very interesting that you've concluded the person look different due to them being in a different time. Maybe it is the fact and I just didn't know. Thanks for explaining that piece, I think it is very important to recognized how we feel - or more like who we feel. My dad was supposed to be my dad, but he looked like a young man. So is many people in my dreams that were supposed to be a certain person but did not look like how they look in this life. Awesome.

  2. Hi Amanda, I enjoyed reading of your dream. You have some things in that one you could dig into with the book I used when I went into interpreting dreams on my blog back in 2008. It was fun while it lasted but only one patient/subject/sucker ever sent me a dream. That was the end of my endeavor after I interpreted his dreams.
    The book and the dream:

    1. I do think that our mind sort out problem areas and re-hash the things we thought about during the day in an attempt to put order to those thoughts.

    2. Most dreams I don't remember unless I share them right away when I wake up. Most I don't remember at all, a few I would like to remember.

    There was a recurring dream that I still do remember. I was back in college (before my drop-out days) and hadn't attended a certain class all semester. It was time for the final exam and I couldn't find the class room. I had that dream over and over but not ever in the last five years.

  3. I do feel that dreams can be meaningful. After Joseph used God's interpretations of the Pharoah's dreams to save the nation. To me dreams can either be the subconscious thought patterns or messages from God. I have solved many a problem through a dream.
    I am so glad you had such a pleasant dream about your father.


  4. Now you've gotten me thinking, as I haven't have a dream for years. Long ago, I used to have dreams and I remembered vividly the dream, the conversation, and the person/thing in my dreams, but not anymore.

    I believe dreams are the extension of your thoughts, and some time it's a way to confirm whatever the decision needed to be.

  5. Dream interpretation depends for me.sometimes are the things I wish to do sometimes it can be very random.

  6. I think I dream most nights. Some are vivid and I can remember each detail whereas others seem fragmented and I can only recall bits & pieces. There are times when I think I do not dream at all, which seems totally weird to me.

    My dreams have prepared me for the impending departure of someone I love many times, usually someone who is old. There have been other times my dreams have been used by those who have passed on to come visit me which has given me much serenity. I have even had dreams which wake me because they are that disturbing. At times like that all I can do is say a prayer. Whatever is going on in a person's life is out of my hands, but I know God is always in charge and knows all things. This gives me comfort.

    These are interesting questions for today on T2Q. Have a terrific day!

  7. Dreams are so beautiful at times, and so scary at others. I had a dream my my dad was telling me he was going to die, so he was getting his goodbyes out of the way. I woke up freaked out! A few months later he was diagnosed with cancer, that ultimately took him away from us a few months after that. I still think about that dream often.

    My husband does not remember any of his dreams. I know he has to be having them, because he talks in his sleep sometimes lol.

  8. That is a very interesting dream. I'm glad that it was good though.

    I don't mind not dreaming. They tend to be something I need to do or someone in my family is doing, will be doing or should do etc.

    I. e when I'm having a stressful and emotional time in my relationships, marriage, I dream about being in the orphanage that I was in as a child. If I ever dream about the orphanage, then it means things are really bad.
    I usually expect then things to get worse before it gets better. And it never fails. Sometimes I wonder how I'm still sane.

    I can't remember anyone who doesn't dream. But I do believe our dreams are connected to our lives, unless God wishes to speak to us this way too.


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