Thursday Two Questions #94 Conquering Fears

*Due to the July 4th Holiday, I am posting early. I wish everyone a safe, fun and FABULOUS holiday!

I was just at a workshop recently called "Strategies for Professional Successes." It was clear that one thing most of us had in common was "fear." Whether it was to try something new, speaking up in front of a lot of people, contributing to ideas where there are higher ranked professionals, or just letting our hair down with our friends and families.

A statement that was shared around the room was: "If you can let go of your fears, the whole world awaits you and you wouldn't believe the things you can accomplished." I agree to have no fears the boundary is endless. However, I am afraid that the tough part in conquering fear is the "how."

"How can one let go of the fears of failing, fears of feeling stupid after the facts, and fears of being vulnerable for sharing ourselves?" Fears can be embarrassing, it makes you sweat, your knees week, or turn your face red. I wish conquering fears was as easy to fix as having a knee braces for weak shaky knees.

There are different types of fears depending on the subjects, but for this audience, I believe we all have fears of holding back, from our families, our friends, or our fellow bloggers at one point or another in our lives. Even though a person who is considered fairly open, easy going has thoughts and secrets that they would like to keep to themselves. We don't share everything with everyone.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #94:
1) How do you conquer fears? Could you share some tips on how you conquer your fears?
2) What percentage of privacy do you keep to yourself?

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Photo taken at Graystone Park.


  1. That little water looks so refreshing, and nice.

    1) I had lots of fear, always on everything, but the important one is the fear of making people mad. However, when enough is enough on yielding or bending backward to please, I will confront it and let loose.

    2) I think I am at 75 percent on the privacy part on the entire spectrum.

    Have a fun holiday!

    1. Yes, I visual the letting-go part like the waters here.
      1) I could understand the fear you's hard to watch someone unhappy about something you say or do.
      2) I think you are allow that's a good portion to hold-out.

  2. 1)A. Nothing changes if you don't at least try. B. Apply Diplomacy liberally.
    2)My work compells me to be outgoing, however I maintain personal reserve by not making it about me.

    1. 1) True...I will try to remember that, it could come in handy.
      2) I am not sure if I understand the later part of your #2, but your answers are very interesting. thank you for sharing.

  3. Great picture, I'd like to sit there and get my feet wet!

    No tips on conquering fears. I'm a somewhat private person but not if you know me, then I'm an open book.

    1. Yes, the waters look so fresh and cool right now.

      I think most people I know are somewhat reserve at first until we get to know someone.

  4. Amanda, when I have to make a public announcement or presentation, I am usually terrified. I hate public speaking so I rehearse and rehearse till I know it by heart then try to schedule mine first so I can get it over with. The longer the fear builds the worse it is. Once it is over it such a sigh of relief. I think we have to try and put our fears in perspective by asking what is the worse possible thing that can happen and will I remember that 5 years down the road?

    I am private in some aspects but in others I am an open book. I do not post my home address but the one I grew up in for the safety of my family. They do not want my FB followers to know where we live, so I oblige. My family has the last say on the sharing of their image or life events, and rightly so.

  5. 1. Casting yours eyes on Jesus is the best way to conquer fears. This is much easier typed than done. I am bound by my fears much more than I'd like to admit.

    2) I keep 100% of my privacy to myself as do all other people. Once you make your privacy public it is no longer in the category of privacy.

    Beside that point of technicality, there are some things I keep to my self or at least am selective with whom I share. As you saw from answer 1, I don't consider my own struggle to deal with fears in a consistently biblical way as being too "private" to share in a comment.

    1. I need to be more like you dear brother. I've been hearing a lot from people how they've used god and faith to help them through all kinds of issues.
      People would think I am a lot more private than I think I am.
      The technicality is a good definition. Once open, it no longer counts as privacy.

  6. The water looks so refreshing.

    I agree that we all have fears but if we let fear rule our lives we miss out on so much. When doing things like making presentations I try to make sure I know the subject matter well and then make an outline of the points I want to get across. I have found that making eye contact with the audience makes it easier.

    I am a private person but will share about 50 percent.

  7. We always have a certain amount of fear about something. Hopefully for the most us, these fears aren't crippling kind which renders us paralyzed. Most of my fears have to do with rejection, like what if he/she doesn't like this or what if I'm told no or ... I try to keep myself centered and confident realizing I'll never know until I do something and regardless of the outcome, I can feel good for having tried. That being said, I still have hang ups and don't always act with confidence, but I'm trying to overcome obstacles which stand in my way.

    There are certain aspects of my life, I keep very private. Those things will never leave my privacy. The large scheme of things though I'm fairly open. I try to not be too standoffish even though I seem rather reserve at first glance. I believe we all tend to be this way as a means of protecting ourselves, don't you agree?

    Thanks for hosting, Miss Amanda! I love playing along with you each week and you always have such interesting questions.

  8. I just go head on ito it. I have already tried roller blading even though I have the fear of falling as my boys wanted to learn it so I felt it was in best interest that I learnt it too with them. I'm scared of fire and you will never see me use matchsticks but I still have to use the stove and cook daily over fire. So I guess it depends on what circumstances you are in.

    I keep about 25% privacy and all those important confidential stuff which is not in my best interest to be shared.

  9. Hi Amanda, nice post. I couldn't find a Mr. Linky here last night but he appeared big and strong this morning!

    You have nice questions today. Your seminar would have been an interesting seminar for me. I am sure that you learned a lot that could apply in your work or with relations with those around you.

    1) My biggest fear is of riding an elevator with a nice looking lady, taller than me and much younger. I conquer this fear by getting off the elevator.

    2) I keep a lot of privacy to myself. Why share it? Most of those are hurts that might hurt others if I told. Bisides likely nothing would change by sharing them.

    That doesn't mean I don't want others to share with me. I do as perhaps I could be of help to them.

    1. Ohmigosh! Your first answer is hilarious! I should make sure that Mrs. Jim knows about it so that she can make sure that you will never have to face your fears!

  10. It's interesting that you cover this topic today.
    It was just two nights ago I was talking to God about how I could let go of this control thing that bounds me away from living free.

    1. I can only conquer a fear I know I have, so when it comes up and I recognize it, I think about it and how I can shed he bonds. It's very hard because it can be recurring. I think too, it helps if you have the love and support you need in order to grow and shed the things that keeps your bound.

    2. I do try to be private, but sometimes not only because I want to, but because of control. Not sure that make sense.
    There are things private that someone else might not understand if revealed and so it's best to discuss it with oneself and live with it alone.

    Happy Thursday!

  11. 1) I do my best to find the roots of my fears and address them as best as I can.
    2) I consider myself a private person with strangers but I am transparent with those I trust!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  12. I've had to over come bitter fear in my life. My entire younger life was overcome and shadowed by fear - as you may know from the things I've written. However, my belief in God has helped me change tremendously. I also find that doing the thing you fear, takes the fear away (or at least makes it less).

    I only share about 40% of things on my blog. Like Judy said, I'm private in some aspects of my life and totally open in others.

  13. Hmmm...Interesting. Perhaps the fearful part is asking the question itself, not the answering part. Dancing around having to grow (i.e., asking something big of ourselves) is tough, once we get to dancing it's really quite enjoyable and empowering, and of course, beautiful.

    Happy seeing beautiful!


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