Thursday Two Questions #69 - Three-Eyed Monster Cake

Arts and Crafts is an important part of our family activity. Trinity loves to create and I love that she is open to doing different things. Everything "girl" has to have eyelashes, and no lashes represented boys.

Yet, in our family, it's the opposite. I have short eyelashes, but Trinity haven't figured that out yet since I wear mascara- shhhh. Her dad has the long eyelashes. Yup- unfair.

I recently went through an eyelashes craving spell. I tried the individual lashes, it looks nice if I had three hours to mess with it. And the latest, I  again tried the strip eyelashes. But what I really wanted to do is try the eyelash growth products. Because every time I use the fake ones, they ripped out more of my own lashes. But haven't spring for them yet.
Sweets is another family favorite, so guess what the cats dragged in? a Three-eyed Monster Cake, and Miss Trinity had a question:
"It is a boy or a girl mom?"
"What do you think Trinity?"
" I think it is a boy, there are no lashes."
Whew! She could of said, I think it is you mom who has gone bald on lashes from using the fake ones.

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Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #69:
1) Have you ever tried any of the eyelash growth products?
2) Do you think eyelashes make a big difference in the way you look? 

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  1. No I haven't tried any eyelash products and yes fake eyelashes really makes a lot of difference.. however I have yet to try it.

  2. I love that cake!

    I haven't tried the growth products yet but I have been tempted.

    I have somewhat long lashes but they are very fine and pale. Without mascara they are barely noticeable. So yes, there is a big difference if I don't use mascara.

  3. 1) I have never tried any eyelash growth products before. I'm curious about it though..

    2) I think eyelashes make a big difference in dressing up the face, but nowadays, they're ridiculously thick, long, and out of proportion!

  4. My eyelashes have always been skimpy. Of course, the older I get the more thin they become. Fake eyelashes do not appeal to me, simple because it looks like a nightmare to fool with. However, I am some-what open to trying the eyelash growth products and I may entertain the idea the next time I visit my Optometrist. We'll wait to see what happens with this. Let me know, if you dare try any of these products. I'm anxious to see, if it really works.

  5. Happy New Year to you! I have the shortest, stubbiest eyelashes ever, and the most sensitive, allergic of eyes, so I have never been able to use any type of eyelash product, including basic mascara!

    I wanted to personally invite you to the launch of Friendship Friday! There's a question to answer each week - that's about all my fibro-brain can muster these days - but hopefully we can start to connect more often!

    Have a fabulous weekend & look forward to your visit! :-)


  6. @Dominique@Dominique's DeskYes, wow! All the looks now a day with lashes. It is a really huge deal.

  7. @SquirrelQueen I think mascara is a huge saving grace. I really would be dissapointed if there weren't any in life.

  8. @Icy BCI hear they make your eyes darker. Hopefully there is something new that doens't turn your eyes darker.

  9. @Cathy Kennedyyes, I think you're right. It's really a nightmare to put them on. I can't wait to try.

  10. No, I've never tried eyelash growth. I'm actually very satisfied with my eyelashes and would be afraid of what altering them could do. I do think that people notice eyes but I don't think they are looking for beauty - just trying to connect with a person.

  11. Bah the men/boys always get the long eyelashes and they don't even need to use them. ugh.
    My son has the long beautiful eyelashes. Everyone tells him so! And oh gosh dimples to boot!

    I've been looking at my lashes lately and wonder if I should use the scara...hmm. I don't want any of mine being ripped out :)

    I've not tried any of the eye things as yet. I'm very protective of the one eye I have that works :)

    2. Yes I think it does. You can see the difference with whatever makeup people choose to wear.

    Off to visit the others!


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