The Idea of Hardwood Flooring

This year I've set no personal major goals to accomplished. I am taking it easy on myself so I truly am looking forward to a whole 2012 indulging in life as it comes.
Our house has gone down hill after the past few years, between being storage to being a playground for Trinity, it was just a place for us to crash. In speaking of my house, I recall my oldest sister’s comment a few years ago after she came for an overnight stay. “I like your house, you just need to get rid of your carpet, change the marble tile and update the hardwood flooring and you will have a GREAT home.”

Yes. I know. We needed new carpeting immediately when we first bought the house, but decided to wait to get the entire floor done in one round. I know what Home Improvements Bring Best Returns, and even about the Home Renovation Tax Credit in Canada. Funny how you have great ideas when you first buy a house, then as you settle in, the ideas slowly die with the everyday demands. The biggest killer to ideas is the means to get it done, finance. It is eight years after, and I think we are getting closer to getting our floors done. I am putting money away from my paychecks every week, and we are going to get new flooring somehow.

I am looking for great industrial carpeting where the house will have carpet. I am an extreme advocate about easy to clean things. The other day, I made SO go through the house with me to decide where carpet and hardwood flooring are going to be. His face turned as white as a ghost! I said: “Now, come down dear. The floor is not going to get done today. I just wanted to get an idea of where you’re thinking carpet and where you want hardwood flooring. We still have a long way to go before the actual work begins.”

Reluctantly, SO went through the house with me. The exercise alone has helped me with ideas in the layout design of our hardwood and carpet combination look. It will help the next time we talk about the subject to make compromises between his ideas and my ideas. I also took note of some mobile home floor plans with great combinations between hardwood and tile flooring that might work for our home as well.

The truth is if I had my choice, most of it will be hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring is easy to keep clean, and easy to clean. Hardwood needs a little sweeping for daily maintenance and once a month if even that a good polishing. There are products now that take literally 20- 30 minutes to put on your hardwood flooring that will help keep the shine. It takes away the chips and nicks. If you maintain hardwood correctly, it will help to eliminate dust build up as well. Hardwood is warmer in the winters than tile, so that is another plus in having hardwood flooring. It is the perfect world for me.

Carpet is a pain to clean. If you have ever done carpet shampooing, you know, it’s not fun. But it looks like I got to keep SO happy too.

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  1. I agree, carpet cleaning is a pain, and can collect a lot of dusts.

  2. Carpeting is a big pain and hardwood is just so much easier, healthier and prettier.

  3. I have carpet in the living room, craft room, and all of the upstairs. I have three boy who love to spill everything and the carpets are cream colored so you can imagine the shape their in. We bought one of those little steam cleaners but the job just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I want to rip it all out and put in hardwood floors. Just easier to keep clean in my opinion.

  4. Yes when you have kids, carpet is just ick!
    I want the tile or hardwood floor! I can keep it clean.
    I want soooo badly to clean our carpet.

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