Thursday Two Questions #62 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

After 61 Thursday Two Questions posts, I missed one last week. It is just in my nature to break the perfect streaks. I seemed to have the need to challenge myself every now and then, to un-assemble and reassemble.
I thought I had a post scheduled and ready to go, but I guess at the last minute, everything became a big blur. On the positive note. The last five girls (sisters) took a vacation together and had a blast, so I can't wait to share pictures and stories with you all.

Around this time of year, I am optimistic and very excited to be starting my Christmas shopping early. I can't wait to get the deals on Black Friday. But never again on foot or in a physical store. The year before we woke up at 12am to go to the Black Friday sales in the mall. There were an army of people waiting outside in line already, especially the 12- 25 year-olds. There weren't anything that the stores did different than the day time and it was a big disappointment. But the experience was worth noting, I would never do that again.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #62:
1) Do you shop on Black Friday? If yes to # 2, if no what do you normally do the day after Thanksgiving?
2) Is there a particular store that you go to every year or different ones each year?

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  1. Yes, me too..I thought I had one post scheduled last week, but apparently I must have forgotten.

    1) I don't shop on Black Friday.

    2) I stay home and shop online, eat, nap, and relax!

  2. I have done the Black Friday experience in the past. Like you getting up early and wading through the huge crowds. But now there is not a bargain good enough to get me out on Black Friday.

    I don't do it on BF but Macy's is always on my list of stores to shop. Most of my shopping I do online.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I do shop on Black friday..but mainly for antivirus software online.
    The one I get from is CGI- Vipre for multiple's much cheaper then Norton and have been using it for the past 2 years without any problem.

  4. Hi Amanda, Happy Thanks giving. I had a hectic week and wasn't able to get a post up but I wanted to visit anyway.

    1. I used to shop every year on Black Friday until I started working retail and now cannot stand the crowds so I never shop it any longer.

    2. I normally shop online for gifts but if I see something locally, then I'll buy it. This year, however will be very sparse.

  5. oh, love that very festive picture of fruits, thanksgiving feast can be as healthy as that one in your plate. I used to shop on Black Friday before, but now, I don't anymore since I do not want to get items that I do not really need anymore since I find out I have lots of things I bought I never got the chance to use at all :( These days, after thanksgiving is cleaning up day for me :). Yes, somehow, there is a particular store I go to for my needs, though they are all different since it depends on what kind of need.

  6. I don't do Black Fridays. I stopped Christmas shopping when I left retail in 2007. When I worked retail I was always aware of the good deals and could purchase things year around and set them aside. Now my family is so large that I cannot afford to buy a present for everyone. Sometimes I make gifts.


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