Thursday Two Questions #48

Think back to the time when you had to come up with your first post for your newly launched blog. Did it take a lot of creative brain cells, or was it something you always knew you wanted to do as your first post? It will be two years of blogging coming in October for me. Blogging has given me much comfort and opportunities for self improvement. It gave me a place to be creative, not only by what you see, but also with html as well. That said, I believe most bloggers are very creative, otherwise how would you even pull together your site?

Besides being creative, blogging has made me more aware of a few other traits I didn't realized I had. Those traits are what have kept me going, and to be more specific, one of them is patience.

Me? Patience? My X told me once that I was patient. Now, if you knew me when I was a teenager or younger, you would never have given me "patience" as one of the adjectives in a Name 5 Characteristics Questionnaire. So when my X said that to me a decade ago, I thought, wow, he really has no clue who I am. But, there is always a reason to how someone came to their conclusion about something, and it is good to know how they reach that conclusion. He told me: "you are very patient with the kids." There you go, this is completely true, and I am a complete idiot for my kids and family. I can be in a hurry for everything else, but when it comes to the kids I will make sure they are safe and well taken care of before I rush on to my business.

***Also I wanted to thank you for being right-on with my #47 post last week, and compliment you my readers, TTQ participants that you know my writing better than my family. I didn't have any intention of coming off conceded or stuck-up, I have no reason to be. I was proud of your comments, right-on and great examples of your experiences! Sometimes it is hard to get the point across without pages of explanation. So another trait that blogging has given me the opportunity to be? The trait of pushing the limit- just a little.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #48

1) Did Blogging bring out any trait about yourself that you didn't know you had?
2) Is there anything you would like to get more help with for your blog?

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  1. 1) I learn that I'm more aware of my surrounding and paying attention to tiny things that I have missed before in my life.

    2) Easy tips and tricks that making blogging more enjoyable and doable are always welcome to me.

    I know there are hundreds of articles out there, but after reading a few, I have a headache and feel awkward..

  2. I passed my two year mark back in March so it's kind of hard to remember where that first post came from.

    I don't know that blogging brought out any new traits but it woke up my creativity and reawakened my interest in photography. I have always had a love of nature and blogging has been a great outlet to share that interest.

    A way to get more hours in my day so I could spend more time blogging.

  3. Amanda, I have known for a very long time that I loved writing, but did not know how much I loved photography. I took a short course in the military.

    I need more time to blog. Life just sucks up all the time!!

  4. I've always been creative, more so when we bought our first house. I didn't know how creative I was until I started decorating. I just came naturally to me all those years ago. Blogging I think, has cemented that. It's really made me realise that I had to do something else with my writing.

    2. I need help with my relationship site, to make it the best it can be SEO wise. It's got literally hundreds of well-written, helpful articles. They've not been seen as well as they should be. All the blogging experts say content is king. I know I've got the content. They're not working as well as they should.

  5. Well here goes. I am just starting this blog and hope I can use it to share my love of all things Boston.

  6. 1. yes, blogging inspired me more to get to know more about our natural world, and it drove me to learn more about html which sometimes or most of the times drive me wild and frustrated.
    2. understanding templates and lay-out, being able to have control more of my design, though I do the design, but not in a 100% capacity. I guess that is my html drives me crazy as I try hard to understand it.

  7. I learned how to be strong and survive boredom. Blogging keep me sane when I came here in the US and had to stay home for one and half years.
    I need links. lol. I need help with keeping up with my 6 blogs. hahaha

  8. blogging help me learn more about how to be a better parent,
    2 would like to know how to bring my blog to a higher level and generate more revenue from it.

  9. @Icy BC I learned that I can be happy a lone, with a computer. I learned that I can occupy my time without a problem with a blog.
    Easy tips and tricks are always so much fun to discover.

  10. @SquirrelQueen You definitely have the knack for photography. Your photos speaks to me, and I am glad you took it on again. There is never enough time in the day, and I too wish we could stretch each hour to two...or three.

  11. @♥~Judy~♥ The love for photography is really a rewarding hobby, since you are instantly rewarded if the photo turns out exceptional.

  12. @Anne Lyken-Garner Having as many blogs as you have, it's so amazing how you've written so many great articles on them too. Usually, people have one content blog, and one wordless blog, but most of yours are filled with great content. Congrats.

  13. @Fibro WitchThanks for joining today. I would be interested in learning more about Boston.

  14. @betchai You know how you rolled into something and find out as you go what you are fabulous at? I still haven't found it except what I found is what I love doing. And that is to turn something that is nothing into something great.

  15. @ruthi me too Ruthi, I have really relied on blogging for my mental escape and it works like a charm.

  16. Fantastic, I am glad you can find ideas for parents. It's hard work, but you will get there. Focus on building your followers, in all social media, that will help you get noticed.


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