Thursday Two Questions #46

slow down you idiot sign Slow Down You Idiot!

I get an anxiety attack when I see a car speeding down our street. The drivers have no care as to who else might be around. They rounded the corners at 20, 30 MPH.
I am tempted to create traffic signs with one that specifically reads “slow down, you idiot” like the one I made for this post from the I have not done so because I am afraid that these idiots won't even notice.

Luckily, last year when a traffic accident happened it was not on my street, but the next street from my house. I am saying that sarcastically, because although I am glad that it was a little further away, it doesn’t change the fact that so many cars still raced down my street. Moreover, the accident had caused major turbulence in my client's family. Nothing happened to the car that hid the 15 years old pedestrian. Obviously, because the driver took off from the scene, leaving behind a paralyzed, brain damaged, wheelchair-bound and incapacitated for life victim. It is going on a full year and neither the police or the family have any idea who the responsible reckless driver was. I know the grandmother of the victim, and this is an absolute true story.

Mean while, my friends told their stories about how bad the parking problem is in their neighborhoods, and how they would love to have “no parking signs” I would imagine that this problem is a hard one to solve, since you really don’t own the streets, but you do need accessibility around your property. It is a problem that they have to deal with every day, and more than once a day. That said, I don’t want either problems, but I am not sure which is worst.

If only everyone take a little time to be a little more considerate and learn to be more courteous, perhaps our world would be a life healthier. Well, I am day dreaming, but waking up to ask you these two questions this week:

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #46

1) If the choices were, live on a street where cars are driving too fast, or the constant fight about parking issues around your house, which would you rather live with?
2) What would you do if you accidentally hit someone so badly that caused them to be incapacitated as the 15 years old girl in my post today?

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  1. it's a tough choice but i'd choose the parking issue. one of the reasons why i moved was the parking problem at my old apartment. a neighbor even damaged the hood of my car, he didn't apologize, didn't pay for the repair. when i went to see him, he didn't had the balls to face me, his father (a retired military) was the one who talked to me.

    i am so thankful that i haven't hit a person. i don't know what i would do if i accidentally seriously hit someone. pedestrians here are exasperating, they walk on the streets---well, because most of the sidewalks are occupied, either by vendors or a parked vehicle. driving in Metro Manila is absolutely stressful, i get headaches sometimes after driving in crowded streets.

  2. Those are tough questions, but I rather live fighting about parking, verbal that is, than one with cars racing down the street.

    The guilt of hitting someone and disable them for life would eat at me, and I would do everything to help if the family forgive and allow me to do so.

    So sorry that happened to such a young person!

  3. it's hard to make a choice, maybe the one with parking issues, at least you can have a garage? however, if people fights for parking, they can lose their mind too and not think about kids who can be on their way to get the first parking spot they see, so either way, so hard to choose which one is better.

    the second question is very hard, though it is probably easier to forgive ourselves from the accident, but the tragedy will forever haunt us.

  4. Gosh! Really tough questions.
    I couldn't pick either of number 1. I've experienced both. MY first child crept out of our house and onto a busy street - on her little knees!

    2. I would never be able to drive again, God forbid.

  5. 1. Parking issues always cause such heated and angry confrontations so I'd have to go with that one.

    1. I would be devastated and probably would never drive again. The guilt would kill me.

  6. That burns me up! We have a lot of speeders in my mom's neighborhood. I wrote to the city, and to their credit, they sent someone over to check it out and sent around a survey to the neighborhood to vote on what to do. The problem was they put too many options (speed bumps, medians, stop signs, traffic lights, etc.) on the form, so no single option got enough votes, and they ended up doing nothing. It's only a matter of time before there's a horrible accident like the one you described about that poor girl.

  7. Wow - touch questions today!

    1) Both problems are terrible but I'd rather deal with the speeding because lack of parking is a real pain to have to live with - esp if you are dealing with health issues.

    2) One of my biggest fears has always been being involved in an accident where I accidentally hit someone so I don't even want to think about that. I think I would have a very difficult time overcoming the guilt, even if I wasn't responsible for the accident.

    I haven't had the chance to post questions in awhile due to a very busy schedule but I hope you'll stop by anyway - miss chatting with you!


  8. I live in a 30 mile an hour neighborhood and the police are forever pulling someone over. They mean business! I would rather deal with no parking, but the same month I bought my home the city took half of everyone's front yard to widen streets, so we have parking and we had to pay for it!! I was assessed for 10 years.

    I would not drive away if I hit someone and probably would not be able to drive again. The guilt would be horrendous. I would do everything I could for the victim!

  9. @Luna Miranda

    1) I would much rather live in an area where parking was an issue. I have young children and for most of the day our street has little to no traffic. But I am constantly yelling at people who are cruising down the street with no concept of protecting the children in the area, just a desire to get from point a to point b as quickly and recklessly as possible. Let's face it 25 is too fast when kids are playing on the yards and sidewalks. They can come out of nowhere.

    2) What would I do if I hit a kid and made them a vegetable? Hopefully, time and lots of it.

  10. I would choose the parking issues over speeding cars any time. We are so lucky that we found a house at the end of a cul de sac so we don't have to deal with either problem.

    I'm not sure how I would react but I would never drive away from the scene. I am very cautious when driving and always keep an eye out for children and pedestrians.

  11. I know just how you feel! My toes curl too, when I hear a car driving way too fast in our street!

  12. Thanks for the comment on my blog!

    Quite right what you write about people who drive like idiots, they do exactly the same in Sweden and in Singapore, but actually a bit more in Singapore and still more in Malaysia, where it is dangerous!

    Also visit our Singapore Blog:

    Right now, it is Sweden (home country), since I'm on holiday there, but mostly it's in Singapore!

  13. Those are tough choices.. but I'll take parking issues to speeding cars. I stay in an apartment so we don't have both as there is a multi-storey carpark and small side road with low level traffic where our house is situated.

  14. 1. I have three kids, so as annoying as option two is, I'd have to choose it over option 1.

    2. I would stay, for one thing...after I hit her. Probably cry. Pray. Do whatever I could to help. I'm so thankful that the only accidents I've had have been fender benders where the only damage has been to the car...not anyone in it.

  15. hmmm. sad story. #1 We have both and each is annoying! We do have no parking signs but that's not the issue. The issue it's them parking in our driveway!

    #2 If I did something like that I would have a hard time living with the guilt.

  16. I see morons driving like that in our neighborhood too even though we have signs at the turn where they HAVE TO SLOW DOWN TO TURN which means they do see the signs.
    I can't look away when my kids are riding because make no mistake, they will drive away just like what happen to the poor boy on your street over. Sigh. Oh they will find him!

    1. I want to park and leave without all the problems so I'd choose a fast street because as a community you can have speed bumps and etc put in.

    2. I would stop and give myself over to police. Itis a crime when I run. It's an accident that I can ask forgiveness for when I be honest.



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