Industrial Fluid Dispensers

Not many of us ever take time to think about how our contractors get the fluid materials delivered to their projects, but when you stop to think about it, each and every one of these materials (ANEROBIC, SILICONE, POLYESTER and FLUXES) have to be handled by a special dispensing equipment. Those are just a few to named, but there is a long list of specialty materials on the website. And the company handles every one of them. I suggest you check the materials tab to see for yourself.

For many years Ipscot has been the company providing and handling industrial fluid dispensing equipment. They carry every type of fluid dispensers I know of, and don’t know of. Whether it is a cartridge dispenser or a meter mix dispenser, Ipscot specializes in equipment that can handle fluids from water thin to the extreme thick paste. As such, Ipscot’s fluid dispensing equipment can handles reactive materials like adhesives, sealants and potting compounds. Besides epoxy adhesive dispenser metering pump Ipscot also makes and sells industrial dispensing equipment for materials that we don’t normally see or use.

The fluid dispensing equipment is sometimes made specific to the materials. For instance the, mixing nozzle, pumps, and syringe dispenser are made to accommodate certain materials. It is a similar concept as different bearings are to fit different machineries. If you have a few minutes, you might want to view the embedded video for more information or educated yourself about one of Ipscot’s extensive machines Graco PR70 Two-Part Meter Mix and Dispense.

The types of applications that are known for the use of Ipscot’s equipment are bonding, coating, gasketing, electrical potting, lubricating, molding, sealing, vacuuming, and encapsulation. As you can see, with that many different applications Ipscot’s equipment becomes a very important role in the contractor industry.

If your company has certain needs for equipment dispensing, be sure to request a quote and check The company is family owned and operated, located in good old Texas, USA.


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