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Howard Kaye Of Howard Kaye Insurance Agency, Inc. Assists Clients With Wealth Creation

father and son life insuranceHoward Kaye Of Howard Kaye Insurance Agency, Inc. Assists Clients With Wealth CreationHoward Kaye has been a leader in the field of wealth creation and preservation for nearly 30 years. During that time he has helped many clients grow and manage their wealth with the intention of passing it down to their heirs or leaving it to charity. As President of Howard Kaye Insurance Company, a wholly owned company of NFP, a New York Stock Exchange company, Howard Kaye has assisted many of his life insurance clients with this aspect of estate planning and ensuring appropriate life insurance coverage.

Howard Kaye And Howard Kaye Insurance Agency, Inc., Counsel Clients On Life Insurance Coverage

Howard Kaye wants his life insurance clients to be able to meet their end of life goals and have their wishes fulfilled. As such, at Howard Kaye Insurance Agency, Inc., they take time to learn about their clients' needs and educate their clients on the use of life insurance as part of their estate plan. Using life insurance in addition to a diversified portfolio can often provide clients with the peace of mind that the inheritance they leave their children and heirs will not become a burden come tax time. Once a clients goals and needs have been identified Howard Kaye and the team at Howard Kaye Insurance Agency, Inc., can provide them with suggestions on the life insurance they need.

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  1. Estate planning and insurance are things we all should think about. This sound like a good company.


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