Thursday Two Questions #42

Fashion and clothing used to be a big deal to me when I was working. Now, if I can stay in my sweats for the day, it's a great day. I don't miss having to come up with nice clothes to wear five days a week. I see many people with different styles. The urban clothing looks so good on certain people, even though the term doesn't mean the same to everyone. I have become more of a comfort person, comfortable clothing, especially comfortable shoes. Just a few years ago I didn't mind a little discomfort if it meant I looked good. Now a days, I will not suffer to look good, well, maybe for a night out or a ball.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #42

1) What would you most probably be wearing if I caught you in the malls?
2) What type of clothing do you wear mostly; jeans, dress, sweats, dress pants, etc?

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  1. 1. Like you I'm into comfort. I don't really get into the trendy styles at all. I usually just buy what I like.

    2. You would probably find me in either nice jeans or a pair of black dress pants with a colorful top and a sweater with flat comfortable shoes.

  2. i am like you, i do not want to suffer just to look good, i guess age has taught me to feel more secure and confident of myself now. i am more for comfort. in cooler months, since your question is being caught in the malls, you will see me with jeans and dressy blouses. in the summer, you will see me with comfortable blouse and skirts or dresses, or shorts and comfy blouses. however, i am seldom at the mall, i am often at the trails, so if that is the question, then, you will see me mostly with my hiking pants and hiking shirts :)

  3. When at the mallin the spring or summer. I am ususally in a shirt and sweats. Sometimes a shirt and shorts. In the Fall or winter it is whatever I was wearing for the day.

    You will never see me in a dress. I like sweaters, t- shirts, jeans, and slacks.

  4. oops - my answers to yours are in my link - now to write my own questions!

  5. Amanda, you would probably catch me in a loose shirt and khakis. I have to wear business casual at work so wear a lot of that type of apparel.

    Dressing up is fun but only once in a great while. I prefer comfort.

  6. my favorite this to wear around the house (which is where I am the most) is a part of capri pajama pants and a t-shirt. if you saw me in the mall i would be wearing capri jeans and a v-neck cotton pull over shirt. i totally agree with you i hate coming up with new things to wear everyday. i am lucky though, as a nurse it is scrubs anytime i work. it is like wearing pj's to work ;0)

  7. We live in the province so we do not usually go to the mall. When I do, I find jeans comfortable. Lovely post, thanks.

  8. 1) Oh comfortable clothes and shoes are essentials to me. I will be wearing jean, a loose fitting shirt, and flat.

    2) Jean, turtle neck for winter, short sleeves shirt for summer, or comfortable capri.

  9. Very interesting. I've always been the type to sacrifice comfort for good looks. I love wearing heels all day and even wear them when I'm off(I like the flip flops that are high too). Wouldn't be caught dead at the mall or Walmart not looking my best-that's when you run into an old boyfriend!!!

  10. I am a casual kind of girl; however, I tend to dress according to where I'm going. At the mall, you'd see me in a nice pair of jeans or shorts(depending on the season) with a cute top. I used to have no shame in wearing my yoga pants anywhere. Oh how times change!

  11. You will find me in comfortable clothes and shoes everyday! I don't want to worry about messing up when I am at home or running errand. Jean is my number one must have.

  12. sorry for the late linking...i wasn't feeling too god today.

    if we'd bump into each other in the mall, i'd be probably wearing jeans or shorts and cotton top, except when i have a business meeting.

    i wear mostly jeans and shorts these days since i don't work in an office anymore.

  13. I'm a jeans girl. There's a happy medium. One can still look good and be comfortable.
    I like to look nice even though I don't dress up to the nines unless I have to.
    Because of my job, however, I have to make the best impression. Then I go on set and wear slack-fitting scrubs. Go figure!

  14. You would see me wearing jeans and either a tee shirt or a nice top.

    When I was working I always wore suits and heels, now I prefer jeans and a more casual look.

    Sorry I didn't comment last night, good old Blogger took away my commenting privileges. I kept getting error messages.

  15. 1. Jeans and a nice top :)
    2. You'll always find me in some sort of pants but never or very rarely in dresses, and tops. I love tops with colors.


    Off to visit the others

  16. Although I love dressing up, I am into comfort these days - shorts/pants, a casual dress or skirt, and sandals or flip flops!

    Enjoy the weekend!

  17. Being a homemaker, I preferred comfortable clothing and shoes. Sweat pant, loose shirt, flat shoes if you see me in the mall. Sorry to say, but I'm not on the "cat-walk"..

  18. I would be either in T-shirt and shorts or jeans.. won't really be dressing up unless I'm out with hubby as whatever I wear out can't be seen under the baby carrier which I'll have on.


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