Thursday Two Questions #40

Guess what happens when I let loose and go with the flow? I get carried away. Sorry folks, I am just a few hours late from posting the linky for Thursday Two Questions this week.
I haven't been at the Dollar Store for a while and well, Trinity took me there today. We got into looking at all the fun stuff and that was okay until we got home. Like a kid, I was as excited as Trinity to try out some of the outdoor toys and forgot completely forgot about my online life. Oops. Better late than never right?

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #40

1) Have you ever tried online dating? If you haven't or happened to ever be single would you?
2) Have you ever been stood-up for a date?

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  1. It sounds like you and Trintiy had a wonderful time. Real life and family always come first.

    I have never tired it, I was already married by the time online dating started. I would think about it but I'm not sure. My sister met a man online, they dated, got married, getting divorced.

    Never been stood up.

  2. Since I was late, I should have to go first and answer my own questions right?
    1) Yes, I have tried online dating before I met SO. I had really great luck and met a lot of wonderful male friends. Although they didn't want to stay friends. The draw back for me was the photos were never quite represented them accurately. They usually looked 15-20 years older than the photos. haha
    2) I can't remember, since I didn't date many people that I didn't know well. But I remember getting stood up when I was in six grade. It was a 12am meeting time and of course- no one is going to show up at that time!

  3. 1. I have tried it in the past a it worked out well once but that was it. You're right about the photos. Of course I used a photo that made me look younger as well :D

  4. I forgot to answer #2. Yes I have and if it happens once, he better have a good reason otherwise there is no second chance :)

  5. 1) Have you ever tried online dating? If you haven't or happened to ever be single would you?
    - yep, I did! My ex-bf was someone I initially met online, we met in person, and because online we talked more about deeper aspects in life, it was easy to fall after the meeting. But when we were in relationship, it was hard for me to stay when he always wanted to be proven right, I was not in a debate or what. I fell initially because of his smarts but we separated because of the same reason. I didn't want to end up feeling stupid! But I appreciated the time we were dating, it taught me a lot of lessons how to be better partner and person.
    2) Have you ever been stood-up for a date?
    Never, thankfully.

  6. I had signed up for eharmony but never got that far when hubby and I made up and got married. I cancelled my membership.

    I have been stood up. In fact he is one of the gents who stood me up. His father had an accident that night so he was needed. I forgave him. lol

  7. 1. I have never tried online dating, but a good friend met the love of her life on there. It was so sweet to see that it worked. 2. I have never been stood up, but I feel badly when it happens to anyone.

  8. Hi! Am new to your meme. I think it's interesting. To answer your questions
    1)I've never tried online dating. I might if I was still single and happen to meet someone that I like online.
    2)Never been stood up for a date. Haven't been on many dates either.

  9. Sorry. I've never tried online dating.

    2. I have been stood up - but only once. They guy in question said he was held up and couldn't contact me. I sort of believed him because we later got engaged. Long story. It didn't work out in the end.

  10. I never have tried online dating. The whole idea is somewhat eerie to me, and I don't know if I ever have enough guts to do so.

  11. I haven't really tried online dating.. rather date face to face.. and yes..have been stood up for a date before..but it was normally for dates with people I know already like friends/ ex-colleague who had things that cropped up last min.

  12. One of these days, I'm going to have to participate in this Thursday meme!!! I enjoy reading the answers and questions of the participants, for sure!


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