Thursday Two Questions #39

Trumpet flowersMajor changes are happening to me and around me and they left me lost for words lately. I've always thought I could express myself and post anything I felt like on my blog, but I was wrong. Somethings are just better left close at heart. I am still around, just preoccupied with many thoughts and decisions to be made. Perhaps when things aren't as fresh anymore, I will be able to let it all out.

I have also thought I could write a book (anytime) about the most interesting human being in the whole world, which would be about my mother, but now I actually have a different perspective on it. I want to use my time to truly enjoy what is more precious in life and what is beautiful that I often don't have enough time to appreciate, rather than brewing over something that will be eating at me inside out. So that said, I hope you all are doing things you truly love and appreciate right now.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #39
1) If you could write a book, what would you write about? Or if you've already written books, when can we expect to see your next one?
2) Have you ever wondered about quitting your blog, what was the first thought that came to mind?
I have thought about it, and the first thought that came to mind is frightening: where and how would I share some of this love? Many times my mind is spinning without a place to express itself, blogging is an intimate exercise for the mind and a distraction from reality. Without blogging, my mind might explode. Lol.

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  1. Oh wow, I'm actually on time this week! Usually it's midnight or after when I post.

    I used to write a newspaper column but I've never written a book. It would probably be a fantasy or scifi.

    I've thought about it but I know I would miss blogging so much if I quit.

  2. I understand what you are feeling. Preoccupation with life in general plus issues that eat away at you can take up all of your time. It's difficult to balance everything and still keep focused and happy.

    1. I have written several books, mostly about poetry. I hate the word never but I don't think another book is in my future. It was a dream that I achieved and now I'm on to other things.

    2. I have many times thought about closing the blog but I quickly gain my senses again and realize I'd be lost without it. Where would I post my photos? :D

  3. I would love to write a children's book some day. I'm not exactly sure what it would be about, but I would want it to be interactive and fun. I have not wondered yet about quitting my blog, although I have wondered about spending less time on it, as it sucks me in sometimes. I really enjoy blogging and reading other blogs. Wishing you the best with all you are dealing with!

  4. Amanda, so much of what I have experienced involves loved ones and I hold their right to privacy close to my heart so I keep quiet - bursting at the seams, quiet! lol I have confided some of that to dear friends like your sis, my honorary sister.

    I love blogging but am often out of step. I take a pic and edit for a specific day but something happens and it sits on my desk top. Family matters are forever pressing, but blogging is my sanity break, along with writing and taking pics.

    Whatever is going on, I hope they will all turn out well for you and yours! God bless!

  5. Oh Amanda, I really appreciate all your reflective thoughts. I can almost see you in deep thoughts but also trying to enjoy what is beautiful in life.

    To answer your questions:
    1. Writing a book never crossed my mind, I guess I never was a writer :)But if ever I could make one, then, it will simply be a travel/photo book sort of, but then, I also have hard time choosing the pictures.
    2. Yes, I believe I mentioned to you before I lost all my desire to blog because I was so enjoying snooping around Facebook, I simply had no time to blog after I logged in at Facebook. The first thought that came to my mind when I was thinking of quitting blogging, was:"what is my purpose in Facebook?" I then came to embrace the fact that my Facebooking is not as purposeful as blogging.

  6. Question 1) For about 14 years now I have wanted to write a book about dating/courtship. It eludes me. I see the current dating model as particularly useless. I have tried to get my points down but they sound good in my mind and harldly anywhere else. Recently my wife and I have started working on some children's books about homeschooling. These would be fiction books.

    2) I have thought about quitting the blog world before. I have been able to slow down when I need to and if the blog does ever die I will be okay with that.

  7. hi, Amanda! i'm playing this week.:p

    1) if i could write a book, it's probably about success stories of women, over poverty, discrimination, marital abuse, etc. to inspire other women.

    2) i didn't really think of quitting my blog, just giving it a time out every now and then...or giving me a time out.:p like you, blogging is a creative outlet for me so it actually helps my mental health. *LOL*

  8. 1) I have thought of closing one of my blogs, but just didn't have a heart to so. So I decide to just post less.

    2) If I ever write a book, it would be my life's struggles or children story book.

    It will take time for the wounds to heal and settle down. Just be gentle to yourself.

  9. I hope you'll find time to heal and forget. Easier said than done, but keep on reminding yourself.

    Yes, I have thought of quitting blogging, and just enjoying life. And I don't know if I ever want to write a book anymore.

  10. if i were to write a book it would about how the military has influenced my life in a postive way. and regarding my blog? I tend to quit my blog every winter along with my good friend who is a teacher. each summer she motivates me to get back into blogging lol. although i enjoy blogging, i tend to waste a lot of time on my blog when i should be doing housework, laundry, playing with my kids etc.

  11. Oh no, it sounds like you have had a bit of a shock. I hope everything settles down and you don't feel so bad. I used to have a Livejournal, not a blog, and sometimes it left me feeling exposed and vulnerable. These days i try to keep myself a little bit more protected online.

    1). I never wanted to write a book although my friends did and I helped a couple of them with the proof reading etc. A publisher friend of mine planted the seed in my head that I should write a history textbook on a part of history I am particularly well-versed in. That idea has been brewing in my mind.

    2) All the time. Mainly because I have taken on too much, in terms of having three blogs, and also because my Emm in London blog feels like a chore sometimes. I have learned to walk away when I feel like that and let it naturally come back.

  12. I've written 5 books. The links are over at my blog (the published ones). I don't want to reveal my next one. I just wish I knew how to market them more. Maybe someone who's reading this can help.

    I want to quit my first blog because I don't do much on it nowadays. I'm just hanging on until I have more time to really think about what I want to do.

  13. I feel as you do. I used to feel I could share anything on my blog space but it seems it's no longer mine in a way which is odd.

    I'm sorry and I'm glad you are taking time to reflect and replenish in this time. *hug*

    If I could write a book, I think I'd do something on relationships and the subtle things that makes love last. :)

    2. I have not thought of quitting, but taking it back to myself and sharing what I want to express whether it's accepted or not.


  14. I think that I'd probably write about how a love of teaching biology (36 years), gardening (40 years), and photography (most of my life)have lead me to a second career in fine art.
    If I quit my blog, I would lose this new outlet for meeting so many wonderful and talented friends!

    I'm your new follower.

  15. I was looking for Meme ideas and came across you. So pleased I did and I have added two questions to the end of my latest post.

    I would write a book about the tussle between working full time and being a grandmother.

    I am still a newbie blogger and at the moment trying to discover the imputus to carry on, but I enjoy writing and taking photos so will carry on regardless of the number of viewers.

    Thank you for giving me this opportunity of giving me the push I need.


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