What About The Baby Body?

It has been almost four years since I had a baby body. And the last 5 or 10 pounds has clung on to me like it is my best friend. Whenever we are invited to a hottub hangout, I can't wait to get in the tub. If I had my way, I would have the hot tub covers on me, instead of on the deck. I have one last excuse as to why I am still not at the weight I wanted to be. I am thinking it’s because of the new lifestyle that I took up recently. You guessed it. Blogging is a sit on your buns kind of work. And without the movements and the exercises, your body is bound to lose its shape.

Sometimes we just need a little head start and encouragement. Weight loss pills seemed to be the way to get your weight down fast. With many options today, I am convinced that it is much easier to find the best weight loss pills. It would be more realistic to keep up with the new weight after you've achieved the ideal weight, than to work on getting rid of the pounds.

We used to hike, bike and go for walks in nature. We were on the go and always had plans even in the evenings. School season restricted us to certain hours and days of the week where we can plan activities. Nevertheless I am hoping our lifestyle will change when the weather gets nicer and Trinity is a wee bit older. I am looking forward to doing many more outdoor activities together and working on bringing this body to it back to pre-baby days.

Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. I feel you in this weight loss battle. I did Weight Watchers and now weigh the same as I did at my wedding, but the weight is all proportioned in different places and I definitely NOT toned. When are we supposed to find the time!?

    Good luck with your springtime exercise and your goals!

  2. Thanks for the nice encouragement. It's tough as I love to eat. Little piggy here.


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