Increase Space with Corner Shelving

I often wished that HGTV could get a hold of our home, just because it would make a great candidate for a before and after. It has the potential for home remodeling, enhancement, and redecorating without going into the great lengths of major renovations.

It is crazy, but true that after much thinking and planning we decided that we didn't need to change the basic functional layout of our home. The current design is actually the way we would like our home to be, with a short minor wish list. As such, the house was built 22 years ago, and many of the major fixtures are screaming for replacement.

I am a believer in maximizing space, and because of it, I am cautious about adding just any furniture. But good furniture can add to a space and enhance its design. Thus, I am a supporter of corner cabinets and corner shelves. They are furnitures that will do more for your home than just hold decorations, they create usable space.

While remodeling the whole house is a dream to be realized – one day. I have started revamping my corners of my home with the help of Corner Etagere. Great corner shelves can maximize the square footage of your home, while restating the designs you are trying to achieve. And with careful selections the furniture can blend into your living space, as well as enhancing your daily functionality.

Home builders didn’t account for the wasted square footage of corners. So there has not been much thought of recuperating those wasted square footage for your home in the plans. But as a homeowner, you can use the corners to your advantage. Add one, or two shelving to your home and see how much your house how will grow. Take a look around your home, are you utilizing all the wonderful space your corners are allowing?

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  1. Great post.
    And those are some nice looking corner cabinets!

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  2. No, I'm totally NOT utilizing all my space! I need to work on that!

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    Kristin :)

  3. Great tip for corner shelves! I might try to make a nice unit for our house if I ever get through my list of DIY haha!

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  5. That's so cute!

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  6. Your corner cabinets are really great!


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