Thursday Two Questions #30

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Blogging 101: Some of us like to be organized with our blogs, and not only that, we want our readers to be able to find the information quickly. Or do we? All blogs are not alike so each blog should have a couple of pages that are customized to some degree. It isn't like school girl costume for adults, where the typical look is short plaid skirts with a white shirt.
So one of the first things a blog owner might try to implement is a navigation menu or a pages gadget, which will help readers get around your site with ease. I have many tabs on my menu, and they all are there to help speed up the process of finding posts. But here are the top ten pages some bloggers think is essential to have.

10 Essential Pages a blog should have:
1) About Us
2) Contact Us
3) Advertise with Us
4) FAQ Page
5) Disclaimer Page
6) Services Page- What services or products you offer
7) Most Popular Page
8) Press Page: where blog has been featured
9) 404 Page: a Customized error directing page, what to do: contact us, where should you go from here: to popular posts.
10) Site Map / Archive Page – site map is important to search engines.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #30
1) Do you agree with this list?
2) What other pages or menu labels should a blog have?

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  1. I'm trying to hurry..we're experiencing an electrical storm and I had trouble posting because of lost power..thanks (it's up)

  2. 1. It depends on the purpose of your blog. The "About Me" and "Contact Me" pages are, of course, universal.

    2. If the purpose of your blog is to introduce future readers to your as yet unpublished novels (as mine is), you will want to have a page for sample stories, synopses of your stories, and, upon publication, a page for your appearances, press kit, etc.

  3. Yes agree will all that is mention..yeah..i should follow that on my blog..

    i think you mention everything a blog should have..

    have a nice day!

  4. Amanda, some of these things are not familiar with me, for example that we should create a 404 page. I have seen these but don't know what purpose they serve other than letting me know I missed up again or the computer did. lol

    I don't think my blog has been featured. I am not in your league. :-)

    I might add a search box. It makes it easier to find a particular subject matter you remember seeing on that particular blog before. I like to refer back when I find something helpful. People have asked me for the link to articles I wrote a few years ago and this saved me so much time.

  5. That sounds like a great list to me, you seem to have covered all the bases. For blogs that have advertising and want to attract more these are must haves.

    I can't think of anything else to add.

  6. 1. I do agree with this list and these are things I should have on my blogs but to be honest, never even thought of them.

    2. The only other thing I could think of is a copyright page.

  7. oh, thanks for sharing these tips to organize blogs, I must admit that I have not done any organizing in my blog lately, I can hardly keep up with my posts, ahhhh, I should discipline myself more and limit my FB time so that I can blog more when I am not doing anything.

  8. 1) I agree with your list if you're solely blogging on the business side.

    2) I couldn't think of any else since I keep my blogs very simple.

  9. 1. I like your list and I think I have to review my blog now. I was going to update it and change a bit anyway, but your list actualy gives me some ideas as well

    2. as per your second questions, I think it depends on the blog , site, but I think you covered pretty much everything :)

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I am now following you...

    1) I totally agree with this list. As a fairly new blogger, I am still learning so much. But I really love the "about us" because its usually the first thing I click on when I'm at a new blog site. I want to know what the blog is generally "about" LOL

    2) You seem to have touched on all the important stuff. But you know what else I really love? I love blog buttons! I wish everyone had them! There are times when I really love a certain blog and I'll want to add it to my collection of favorite blogs...yet they have no button! Ugh! Buttons, people...they are only about $10 to get one made, if you don't know how to do your own :)


  11. 1. Your list is great :) and I like it!
    About and Contact pahes are keys!

    2. I guess it would depend on the type of blog. Most people have personal blogs so some things on the list isn't needed for them. Other blogs might have a page with just pictures and include all of the above. My blog had a lot of things but I removed some of it and made posts out of them :)

  12. I agree with your list and will have to do some updating :)

    Off to visit the others.

    Enjoy your weekend lovely :)

  13. i have no clue how to add these pages in my blog.:p

    i guess it depends on what your blog is all about. i only have "home". *LOL*

  14. That's a fine list. I want to set up a site map, but have to wait until I actually know how to do that. No time at the moment to figure it out.


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