Thursday Two Questions #22

Thanks joining a thought provoking meme on the blogsphere. Smiles. Earlier this week I wrote about a Police Harassment Case in Orlando, Florida. It brought back some memories of a court case I was involved in a while ago. Again, you don't need to read the post to answer, unless you would like to. The questions are based on the recollection of your experiences. So playing along with Self Sagacity's subject of the week, I would like to ask you the same questions that I was asked when interviewed for the jury.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #22:

1) What was one of your most memorable experiences with a police officer, was it positive or negative?
2) What would you do if a police officer asked you to do something that is simply out of the ordinary? For example: for NO safety or reasonable purpose, he asked you to move to the end of the bus.

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  1. 1) I don't have any good or bad memories with police officers. I took my ticket and got on my way.

    2) I would try to call for help, and pray really hard.

  2. Amanda, I have varied experiences, both positive and negative which stand out in my mind.

    I'm from the old school, and also was in the military and worked in corrections, so if a person of authority advises me to say move to the back of the bus I do so.

  3. Amanda, I was so busy answering your questions that I forgot to thank you for the honor. Thank you. :-)

  4. Nothing particular stands out, most were traffic stops. About half I talked my way out of but there were a couple where I just took the ticket.

    I would probably just move to the rear of the bus, thinking maybe he knew something I didn't know.

  5. Most experiences I have had with an officier of the law has been pleasant. These men and women have always been polite and professional.

    If an officier asked me to do something that was reasonably harmless then I would comply. You never know when you may get a policeman with a weird attitude.

  6. i don't have positive nor negative experience with a police officer yet.

    i have respect for them, so most probably if they will ask me to move to the back of the bus, i will politely comply since i am thinking they have a purpose to do so, like investigating or working on something for the public's safety. just like we politely follow teacher's instrcutions when we were at school :)

  7. One of the unforgettable experiences I had was when I visited somebody who was arrested. The police were rough and quite unruly and I knew better than to provoke them by calling their attention. So instead, I called somebody in authority (within their hearing) and calmly inquired about a person's rights under the situation. That somehow made the police sit up and deal with you fairly.

    I will not hesitate to call an influential person when the going gets rough especially when people are not fairly treated well.

    I always advise kids and people about this: when a police ask you to do something against your will, cite YOUR RIGHTS to SILENCE and demand YOUR RIGHT to call somebody first.

    Police are not generally unruly but a person with A GUN may give a false sense of power that may be subject to abuse. But you also have the power to call his attention to it.

    Have a safe week, Amanda!

    PS. And I got your eMail and I will send you what you need soon. Thanks.

  8. 1. I pulled out of the market. There are 3 lanes. I went into the left, thinking I'd turn left. I thought the middle was to go straight ahead and the right to turn right.

    I police officer came around the corner. I think he was just as shocked as I was. Why was in in that lane? I have no idea. It was just a long day.

    He turned his lights on and had me back up back into the market.
    He came to my window and ask me if I knew I was in the wrong lane. I told him I honestly had no idea! And really I'm glad he came around the corner! I really was. It could have been another motorist.

    He laughed and ask where i was going and then said, well just drive clearly.

    It was a good experience. I could have been asked for papers and probably gotten a ticket or a warning.
    I think he just knew it was a honest mistake.

    2. I would ask him why and he must have an explanation.
    If not I will report him to his boss and the governor.

    That's if I'm alone though. Dh probably wouldn't want me to create waves :)

  9. nice meme...will try this one soon....thanks for dropping by at my blog. cheers!

  10. i had problems with Blogger since Wed night. i hope this will be successful.

    1)i had a recent encounter with police when my purse was snatched while i was walking from the bank. it started OK but ended badly. the police helped me and wanted to teach the snatcher a lesson...but their way of teaching the guy a lesson was disgusting. i walked out from the precinct feeling angry at the police and sorry for the snatcher and his mother.

    2) if it's illegal or degrading, i would probably complain to his superior.


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