Love at First Sight at Car Dealership

Love is in the air! Well, just for my nephew. How he met his new girlfriend is anything but traditional. His love at first sight story is and very cute, so I thought I would share it with you today.

About a month ago, he went to the Chicago Honda Dealer to look for a car. This would be his second Honda, because he just loves how they run. Honda last a long time and are hassle free. Just the simple oil changes and special service as suggested by the manufacture and the car is happy. He had his eyes set on the hot showroom Honda Civic so he to get help. The sales man said there was someone else already in the process of buying the same car. It dawned on him immediately that was probably why he wasn't approached by any sales person. Long story short, my nephew ended up with the car and the other person’s number.

My nephew said he had experienced love at first sight for both the car and the girl. It was easy because he felt like he already knew her. It turned out that they have met each other through a free online dating website, but never in person. They were both skeptical about taking it to the face to face step, but destiny has caught up with them. They knew it was too much of a coincidence to have liked the same car make and model, it was meant to be.

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  1. Yes, it sounds like it was meant to be! Came by via Monday blog hop to say hi and have a great week.

    CJ xx

  2. I think yellow is the absolute best color for a car. Safer, too, because other people can see you better.
    Visiting on the hop from Edge of Escape

  3. That is some story, Amanda!! It must be true, though...I can't imagine you would tell us anything but the truth. It'll be a nice thing to tell their grandchildren!

  4. Oh that is a cute story! Wish him luck with both car and the girl.

  5. I agree with Debbie. I do wish them much happiness.

  6. That is a cute story, what an interesting way to meet.


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