Lego Love Keeps Kid Safe

MattLove loves building with Legos, and painting his model cars. There are times when I worried he is too much of a homebody, but after we heard of the accident last Friday, I am thankful he is mostly home with us.

A car crash occurred Friday night, around 3am. The car smashed into a light pole and started on fire. There were two teenagers in the car. One of them was pronounced dead, and the other, which was the driver, left the scene without calling the police.

You could say the neighborhood has a car accident every other month. It is hard to keep up with youth trends and stay informed of all their activities, especially when they are old enough to know. Even if there were no testimonials, the police was able to find a North Carolina health insurance card in the glove box to identify the owner of the vehicle. As a parent, I can imagine how the parents of the student who had left this world must be feeling, but what about the other student’s (who left the scene) parents?

At times, even the A student is tempted to try something thrilling or forced by peer pressure. They might say yes just “this one time” but before they know it, the habit has been formed. Whatever the case, teen cocaine addiction is very serious and should be taken care of immediately. One lesson I learned is if the kids say they are going to a "party", I would have to investigate further about "who" and "what" will be there.


  1. My son loves legos.. happy blue Monday.

  2. You make a very good point.

    I love those blue Legos!

    Happy Blue Monday.

  3. Great post!!!!
    Cricket: the cocaine..and the where are you, with who.. you got that right!!
    Cat says... legos... oh! how much money I have spent..nothing built..but the vacuum cleaner sure loves them!

  4. legos are great they occupy time and make the brain work as well

  5. What a horrible incident. I can't imagine leaving the scene in which a friend of mine was injured - ESPECIALLY if I was the cause of the accident. How does one ever get over the loss of a child, I wonder?

    I should donate my huge plastic jar of my son's Legos to your son. My boys loved them and I was thinking my grandchildren would use them one day. Well, no grandchildren yet and I'm having to move and downsize. I'd love to give them to someone who will use them!!

  6. JoJo used to spend hours building with lego. I love how his imagination takes off some time.

  7. these blues are brilliant,
    my boys used to build stuff using lego sets.

    what a fun blue take.
    you rock.


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