I Have Been Challenged

MattLove is a gamer, and he has challenged me to a game on his new Nintendo Wii. Honestly, I rather be analyzing how to make the html codes work with my blog than accepting a dual with him on the Nintendo Wii.
I am not sure if I would ever take him up in his Nintendo game challenge, but it does have me thinking about what I can dual for, perhaps an A in Algebra? Though, before I can accept a challenge with MattLove on any electronic game, I would need to have to time to train and be decent enough to get around on screen.

This is an opportunity for me to come up with a clever plan for this teenager, an opportunity that should not be passed up. Smiles.
Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. It sounds like a fun challenge but like you I would want to train on the games first.

  2. He doesn't stand a chance! My money is on you!

  3. I'm wanting a Wii. Not a need. We'll see how it goes. Right now it's all about bills and groceries.

    Take the challenge...When you win, you'll be stoked :)

  4. oh same with me... i rather learn html more than play video games.


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