Annoying Brown Grout Lines | Thursday Two Questions

tile with brown grout linesI have been starring at the beige tiles and brown grout lines for six years. There isn't anything functionally wrong with it, just cosmetically crying for enhancement is all. If you recall my Glass Tiles for My Bathroom post, that was the beginning and one of our first attempts to get rid of the beige tile and brown grouting.

Like a real proactive person I always am I decided to plunge into this remodeling attempt one afternoon when all the stars aligned just right. I was so confident that in no time I will get all the tiles in this coffee bar area removed. At first it was very easy, I was getting so good at removing these tiles that I was speeding through it like a pro. I believe everybody could be a pro on this first step. Why, I was even able to nudge them out in whole pieces.

Everything was great and jollied until I hit the left side where I had to remove the mortar behind the tiles. It was a tough job, so hard and thick. But I can do it, with patience, I thought. The guys who installed this wall wanted it to stay permanently. I took a little break and searched online for an easier way to remove this mortar stuff, but found none. Unless you are going to replace the dry wall, it just takes a lot of time and patience. After a couple of hours, I realized I am not going to be the one to remove this mortar stuff, because the installers mortared it to the cabinets as well. It will take real muscles and major work, and being annoyed with it isn't going to make it work.

wall after removing tiles The picture above is the result of my annoyance with the brown grout lines. This is the way my wall looks now, the disaster has taught me a lesson. I learned to think twice about having the urge to remodel when I am annoyed with the rest of my house.

Thursday Two Questions:
1) What is currently most annoying to you?
2) What would you like to see or read more on Self Sagacity?


  1. Well, I wouldn't change a thing. Whenever I come for a visit I always enjoy what you have to say. What annoy's me? There are lots of things to do around the house and what annoys me is that I'm afraid of tackling them. But this post is inspiring. You have given me hope ;)

  2. 1. What is annoying me now is people who make "so called" confirmed plans and then flake at the last minute. Once or twice is fine but when it happens all the time, it drives me crazy.

    2. I like your blog the way it is. It's always interesting and always gives me something to think about. More photos would be great. I like your photos.

  3. 1) I get annoyed by people who adopt pets and neglects or abuse their pets. They allow their pets to wander outside of their property without leash or when I hear the animals cry for food or when they are in pain and I feel helpless!

    2) I think you write everyday stuff well. I also think you are quite commendable for doing the remodeling work yourself! I wouldn't dare!

  4. I also have an annoying tile issue in the bathroom that adjoins our bedroom, but I know better than to tackle it myself. The shower is tiled on four walls, the floor and the ceiling with just a small opening for the door. It's like being in a cave. Heck, you can hide from the world in there. It will take some major work to hack this tile away, but I'm bound and determined to make this a number one priority next year. I may have to go on an extended vacation in the mean time, so I won't have to put up with the mess.

    As far as what I'd like to see on Self Sagacity, is a list of your post TITLES instead of post LABELS. I recently did this on my own blog. I believe it helps readers zero on on the topics of my past posts in a neater and more effecient way. See my Wednesday post, LISTING POST TITLES IN BLOGGER, if you want to learn more.

  5. My dear, so that was what you had been busy with.. I was wondering what were you up to the past days.. :)
    Oh no, that looks indeed annoying.. Hope it will be fixed soon..

    1) Hmm, let me see... Not enough time for me to be 'pig' as in sleep.. LOL.. I am on 2 weeks break but after attending an urgent meeting this morning, it looks like my 2 weeks will be more like work from home.. Hahahah...

    2) Your sharing on Beautiful Tuesday, my dear.. I am certain you have many inspiring articles in promoting 'Being Beautiful' for all ladies.. ;) As for the rest, hmm, how about more on food? You know that's my favourite.. hehehhe.. But overall, your site is great which explains why I am always here.. :)


    Anyway, I won't be taking part in Thursday Two Questions for this week but I will do it next week.. No questions on my mind so far and I haven't get the 'Bread' article done.. -__-

  6. what annoys me these days is my neighbor (and their friends who seem to visit every night). why do they have to talk and laugh so loud even if it's after midnight? they cruise along our street in noisy motorbikes at 2 or 3 in the morning. my patience is wearing thin.

    i am new visitor and so far, i enjoy what i read here. keep it up!

  7. What a lot of work to be done.

    1- I had a tooth pulled after losing a crown and the dentist threaded a stitch between 2 other teeth and boy such a little thing is so annoying.

    2- I don't think I'd change anything that I have seen so far. It's a lovely blog.

  8. 1--What annoys me right now is my rented neighbor's cat who used to my front garden as a cat litter, and it's stink!!!

    2--Do what ever that makes you comfortable, and have time to do! Don't get burn out..

  9. No need to make improvements on your blog, it's so reader friendly.

    My annoyances? Take my dog, Otis for starters. Please - take him!

  10. What typically annoys me is the lack of consideration by others who infringe upon me time and time again. This demonstrates their lack of respect for the things in my life that are important and they seem to think my life should revolve around their little world.

    Just keep doing what you're doing with your blog. You'll be true to yourself and all of your readers.

    Happy Thursday!

  11. the most annoying thing at the moment is that the day has only 24 hours and there is not enough hours to do what I want to do :(
    as per your blog write about what makes you happy and that you are comfortable with

  12. I cannot think of "one" answer to your question 1 because there are lots of things that really annoy me lately. It could be the weather or it could be hormonal. hahaha
    For the second question... I would like to learn more new recipes that you can share with us.


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