Sate Shrimp in Porridge and the Healing Herb

Am I ever going to be cold-free? It seemed as if one kid gets sick after the other. My family just went through a rough round of colds again. Do you know why? School season started and they caught it from the other kids.
MattLove had a bad cold last week. I felt so bad for him, he was cold and uncomfortable. Since his throat was sore, he couldn't eat certain food. So, I made him porridge, and the special Perilla Mint leaves healing herb, which I learnt from a very smart lady. Her family was into natural cures. The glass in the left picture below is an alternative healing herb liquid made from Perilla Mint leaves.

The Perilla Mint leaves herbal liquid was probably an "ancient secret" that was passed down from Tina's family, because my family was not familiar with it. I am a faithful user because it worked for me. I take it at the very early stage, and it helps me recover quicker, gives me energy. So let me get to the recipes.

To make the porridge you can read my post on Pacify Rice Porridge just add sate shrimp.
To make the Perilla Mint leaves healing herb you will need only one ingredient and some tools, a tall pot, a masher or a blender.
Ingredients: Grab a handful of Perilla Mint leaves, the type that is purple underneath and green on top.
Preparations: Put the Perilla Mint leaves in a tall small pot, and cover the leaves with water. This means you should also be pressing down the leaves so that they sink underneath the water before you consider adding more water. The idea is to get a very concentrated liquid.

Once the Perilla Mint leaves have been cooked for an hour, swipe all the leaves from the pot and mash it well. Or put it in the blender and mince it finely- as small as possible. Mix the minced leaves back with the liquid and stir it evenly. This is the best way for adults, as for the kids, like MattLove, he does not like the leaves, so I give him straight liquid, about 3 ounces, and taken once or twice a day depending on how severe.
I find that this medication is not as effective once you are already half way through the cold/ flu. However, it will help you recover some what quicker than if you didn't take it.


  1. Thanks for sharing.. I am certain this will come in handy as cold is kind of common here these days too..

  2. Zinc would do your cold some good. You can get the lozenges at any vitamin store, I would think. GNC has good ones. Anyway, visiting from Girl Creative. Have a fantastic Friday!

  3. I hope your family is feeling better. And soup/porridge is definitely the way to go because I know how the throat feels when you are sick.

    D has come home from school with his second cold in two months!
    Sadly they don't even get to wash their hands.

    The teacher let's them use hand sanitizers instead. um nothing beats soap and water.

  4. I hope your family will get better. I know how it is. We started school as well and colds are waiting for us.

  5. Thanks for the recipe and the mention..I just went outside and cut up whatever left of my perilla mint leaves and cooking it right now..Too bad they are about all gone now!

  6. Amanda, how did you know I have a sore throat. I never get sick, but my grandson coughed and sneezed all over me and I have not been able to talk for three days. I LOVE talking and singing, and I have to talk to customers on the phone, so I AM miserable. I am off to look for your leaves!!

    Thanks for the mention!

    This mint was imported from Asia decades ago and has been used widely for the treatment of gout. I didn't know about sore throats...

  7. I love those soup spoons! I must have them!

  8. Like ZK I have always used zinc at the onset of a cold but I like the idea of the Perilla Mint. This would probably be more soothing for a sore throat.

  9. I love perilla in salads and with sushi. I had it for the first time in Japan and brought seeds back with me. It is so delicious. The Japanese call is shiso, I believe.

  10. @Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike)This is a comfort food. One of my favorites when I am sick too.

  11. @Zibeline KnitsThanks for the tip, I am sure people have told me this again and again. Sometimes it takes someone writing it down for me to see it live.

  12. @JamericanSpiceWe are all feeling much better since, but there is that lingering throat thing. It too shall pass. They must wash their hands, gees. That is not good at all...I am with you, I like the feeling of soap and water. The thought of the kids using sanitizer then putting their fingers in their mouth is just not comforting.

  13. This is perfect! Just perfect for the weekend. Thanks for sharing. Now I don't need to torture myself of what to cook.

  14. HMMM, Mint in Porridge? I'm not thinking that would taste great. I'd try it though.

    I stumbled you, please stumble me. Also, Thanks for attending Stumble Tumble Tuesday. Please come back next week!
    The Chief Blonde

  15. Interesting! Never heard of this before!! Thanks for sharing.

    Stumbled you...would love if you could stumble me back:

    Kristin :)

  16. I am all for natural recipes, I am tired of all the side effects of modern medicines. I Stumbled your recipe, hopefully other's will benefit from using natural medicine.

  17. Do try Zinc lozenges. I get the chewable ones from the grocery store (get a good brand, mine were about $3.50) and the chewables taste like oranges. My chiropractor suggested them and I noticed that the length of my colds dramatically shortened. I had never tried Zinc before and was really surprised it worked - there are so many "natural" treatments out there and it's hard to know what will work.

    Thanks - I'll give you a stumble - LOL - Tina "The Book Lady"

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  18. I think I'm finally almost over my cold. The recipe looks delicious.

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