Blogging True or False Before and After

Hi, it's just me posing for mom again... I was at UC Davis University. I took my big brother there for his overnight orientation. I usually don't like to wear sunglasses, but mom was pretty convincing about why I should wear sunglasses to protect my eyes. I am just popping in to make sure mom is keeping up with her blog and say "Hi"

At the beginning of my blogging journey I had some misconceptions about blogging and bloggers. There's definitely a "feeling" a non-blogger gets when the blogging subject comes up. I thought I would share some of those thoughts and feelings today, which have since changed now that I can officially call myself ...ohmygosh: "a blogger." What are some of your first impressions and did they changed with time?
  1. Bloggers had too much time on their hands (blogging false). As it turned out, many bloggers I know have very good reasons to blog, and they are mostly writers like Judy @ Seeds 4 Thoughts, business owners, or photographers like Squirrel Queen @ Through Squirrel Eyes.

  2. Blogging is a fun activity and it is easy (blogging true or false). Reality is, blogging is easy if you don't care what your blog looks like, or if anyone visits, or you are famous. Otherwise, it is much harder than meets the eye. It requires a lot of time and there are all kinds of background work involved. Technical difficulties, or other unforeseen issues come up from time to time, and Betchai @ The Joys of Simple Life can attest to waking up one morning to find something she didn't expect on her site.

  3. I thought that I can quit blogging anytime (blogging false). No, blogging is addictive and it is an on going demanding master. If you are creative and like to create, there are always things to do. Some very talented people have more than just one niche to share for example Anne @ A Blogger's Book, who owns four sites, and still manages to write, post and work on social media networking sites.

  4. I thought blogging is just a another social networking tool (blogging false). No, many bloggers are blogging for different reasons and for the most part, blogging is a "marketing tool", which is another way to advertise on the internet. If you've written books such as Joanne @ Poetic Shutterbug. She has linked her books to Amazon from her site, and you can just click on the badges to buy them.

  5. Blogging for income is a joke. (blogging true or false) This is not true for some cases as many bloggers have made comfortable money blogging full time, and built very successful websites. Some were even invited to TV shows because of their blog posts - in my eyes these people are very successful. While some of us have made enough freelance money to satisfy our extravagant stuff, like a cup of Java Chip Frappucino with whip cream.

  6. I thought that I will be tire of blogging in three months and ready to move on! (blogging false) No, my sister IcyBC @ Reach Beyond Limits had to introduce Windows Live Writer, another application and here I was hooked on exploring the possibilities again.

  7. I thought bloggers are tough, and invincible, given the nature of the type of interaction. (blogging false) Wrong, wrong, bloggers are very sensitive, and once they are not happy with someone, it's hard to convince otherwise. I like when people are honest but courteous, as such I read a lot of Mumsy's life journal. We all have our own opinions, but it's good to learn of others' too. As big as the internet is, it is actually very small in many ways.

  8. I thought I knew enough to keep me going for a while (blogging false). Truth is, the endless planet called internet keeps growing. As technology advances so will the possibilities. I look forward to the when Blogger introduces the read more and reply to comments on every template and automated. I installed them for my site, but had to dig around a lot, experimented a lot to be able to make it work with my own template.

  9. Blogging is a lonely activity (blogging true or false). I would say it is an activity you do alone, between you and the computer, but, it isn't lonely once you have made friends and created visitors. Blogging actually could become a companion and a peaceful way to download your thoughts. Believe me, I have had to download my thoughts many nights. More on how blogging has helped me stayed sane: "Ten Reasons Why i Blog."

  10. Blogging is for old people (blogging false). In 2006 blogging was more popular among the younger crowds than now. And of course, the young people are always first to try and use most techie stuff. Since Facebook came about, young people have opted for short friendly blurbs rather than writing a paragraph or two. It is obvious, to blog is to write, or type to be exact. So to me, true blogging is for people who truly enjoys writing.

Thanks for stopping by today.
Updated 10/25/13- Bloggers did incorporate the read more and comment reply. Yes!


  1. This is a wonderful post, Amanda. Goodness, blogging is not an easy task. For me, it takes a major time commitment and, if I were still working, I truly do not think I could continue it. To say that I put in over eight hours a day at it, is not an exaggeration. Responding to comments, creating new posts, photographing, etc, are quite labor intensive.

    I do love it and the camaraderie that develops among bloggers is wonderful. It has sustained me in the difficult time since my job loss.

  2. Amen to that. Blogging is misunderstood by many people who don't. I know lots of people, but only know 1 person (in real life) who blogs.
    Thanks for the link. It's very generous of you.

  3. I love this post since I can relate to it in so many ways!

    Through blogging, my world seems to be opened up wider! Thanks for the mention!

  4. i hv been blogging for a year today!

  5. You make some very good points on the art of blogging. I do it just because it is fun.
    Your daughter is adorable in those sunglasses!
    The Tattered Tassel

  6. Oh my goodness what a beautiful post! And I was nodding my head the entire time thinking..."Yup, thats right girlfriend!" Great take on this wonderful world of blogging! So happy to have found your blog!
    ps- beautiful child you have:)

  7. Thanks so much for visiting my little blog today.

    Your daughter is adorable!

    I'm the only one in my circle who blogs, they don't get it at all. C'est la vie.

    Happy Rednesday!

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog - buttonsforbaga - and reacting to my 4 red photos from Filckr. I absolutely loved your comment ....”You get it!.” It gave me the warm fuzzies. I really was drawn to the two sunrises and the way the photographers captured what they saw: the reds in the sun, the red door with the red iron fencing, and the photoshop altered red cup. Thanks for the really perked me up today.

  9. Here, here! I agree with almost every point you made. Blogging is alot of work, but alot of fun too!
    Happy Reds!

  10. Blogging sure is fun and addictive! But it does take alot of time. Cute little girl in red--love the sunglasses! Thanks for visiting my Rednesday.

  11. well, blogging has changed my life. i've travelled half way around the world to meet my blog friends. twice. - and i'll do it again next year! thanks for stopping by

  12. You are such a bright girl for someone so young. :)

  13. Amanda, you are too kind and oh so clever. I am sitting here nodding my head and blushing. Thanks for the mention. Blogging does take off on it's own, doesn't it. Once in awhile I get some input. lol

    Miss T, you look fantastic - so glam!

  14. Amanda, first I must say thank you so much for the mention. That was very sweet of you. I really enjoyed this post and I have to agree with you on all points. Blogging is looked at by many as a way of killing time. For me, it is a serious means of expression and a marketing tool as you have mentioned.

    I have met some of the most wonderful people in the blogosphere and one of the aspects I enjoy most about blogging is learning about others and their lives by sharing posts. Sharing each others interests is what it's all about. It enriches our lives and creates a "family" community of bloggers.

    Though I may not comment everyday or even post everyday, though I try to, blogging has become an important part of my life and I'm glad that I have the time,now to participate.

    A wonderful post, Amanda. Thank you so much :)

  15. Great post On blogging ! Your daughter looks sooo cute !

  16. oh, I missed this post before, sorry :( this is a wonderful post about blogging. You are right head on there, blogging was introduced to me by ex-students who were easily drawn to technology, so, a lot of bloggers are young. In fact, one of my students from Philippines who blog had found his niche, he is one of those very popular bloggers who had become an authority in marathon ( in the Philippines), being interviewed in TV for gadgets, appears in newspaper, etc, and his site is very successful and has made him put up his own business, like running shirts, etc which he designs. So, blogging opens a lot of opportunities to those who open their world to it. I love blogging, though I do not spend as much time to it, only when it allows me and I have free time to spend, I prefer to spend my free time blogging than social networking because it opens to me a lot of characters who had traveresed through life well enough and allows me to learn from them.

  17. I love those sunglasses, the photo is just adorable.

    Sorry I missed this post the first time around. Thanks for the shout, I appreciate that.

    As I read through your list I kept nodding my head in agreement. These are good examples of my thoughts on blogging when I first started. I had no idea blogging would be this much fun but neither did I ever think it would take so much work (fun work but still work).

    I have to disagree slightly with the last part of number 10. While writing was my original intention when I started blogging I think photographers can also be happy in the blog universe. I know many who only post photos and seldom write at all. Blogger was designed for writers but it has also provided a great showcase for photography.

    I have enjoyed experimenting with different things. The book and product reviews and giveaways are something I don't do often but they are lots of fun. The memes provide challenges and a great way to meet new folks. And although I have a lot of computer skills I keep learning more from other bloggers.

    Thanks for posting this Amanda, I really enjoyed reading your take on blogging and also all the comments by others.

  18. Very, very true. I just started blogging about 7 months ago and I had never even read a blog when I published by first post. My perceptions have totally changed...for the better of course...and I am totally and completely addicted! It is way, way more work than I ever imagined, but way, way more fun and creatively satisfying as well. :) Great post, Amanda.


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