Our Dream Kitchen

Written by guest blogger Kelly Hashboron

Remodeling our kitchen was quite the experience! In all, I would say it was a really great experience, especially since we found homeproimprovement.com. First of all, we decided to rip out all of our old cabinets and counter tops to install newer, modern looking ones. We ended up choosing some beautiful, naturally colored, oak cabinets with black knobs and drawer pulls. For the counter tops, we went with a very pretty, sable colored granite top.

Next, we put in a gorgeous new, black granite sink that really compliments the cabinets. We chose a nice, nickel finish faucet, with a pull down sprayer. That is very convenient, I must say! Then, we decided since everything else looked so nice, we would go ahead and replace our appliances with nice, new, shiny black ones. They look great in our brand new kitchen.
Finally, we thought we were done. The kitchen looked magnificent and we loved it, but with everything looking so new and shiny, we decided it really needs new flooring to go with it all. So, we chose a gorgeous black, granite tile with a shiny overcoat to finish off our remodel. Now, we have the kitchen of our dreams and I absolutely love it!


  1. Thanks Kelly for the great post. We are starting slow in our remodeling projects. The kitchen is a HUGE project that we don't have the guts to start, but have to one of these days. Wow, you really went for it, good for you.

  2. Sounds wonderful, Kelly. I hope you enjoy it.


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