13 Men Wishes

I have long yearned to shout-out my 13 Men Wishes. I thought this is a pretty good starter list as I have found most of these qualities in my SO. Except for #2, and that's all I am saying for now. We live in harmony and peace, which is all I ever wanted in a relationship.
What are some qualities in a man you think is a definite must have? I am hoping that my nieces just happen to stumble upon my blog and find this article interesting, or funny, but at least shoot for some of the qualities below in the guys they will meet.

I thought about buying each of them a watch as they graduate. I wanted to give a gift that's personal and could be used everyday. To secure a good future, not only do they need to keep an eye out for great qualities in a man (for the girls that have to have a man in their life), but also in how they are spending their time. The watch should be a reminder that time doesn't wait for anyone, so make the right choices and don't waste your precious youth on the mistakes.

  1. He is messier than you. You will always shine.
  2. He is less attractive than you. You are the beauty.
  3. He is more frugal than you. You can be the spender.
  4. He is a better cook than you. You will always be fed.
  5. He is more organized than you. You can relax.
  6. He is not concern about how he looks. You can be the "girl."
  7. He is stronger than you. Handy when you have children.
  8. He is smarter than you. He will be the thinker.
  9. He is taller than you. You can wear high heels.
  10. He is kinder than you. You will seem normal on "those days."
  11. He is more patient than you. You can take time to get ready.
  12. He works harder than you. You will be taken care of.
  13. He eats more than you. You can have seconds.
After all, it takes a lot to have harmonious relationship, and it's certainly not easy finding a man with all those qualities. My list is actually longer, and not in any order of importance.


  1. This is a thoughtful post for T-13. On a humorous note, I notice that it's easier for me to kiss my hubby when I'm wearing at least 1 1/2 inch heels. He thinks of himself as average height and he is for his age, as am I, but it's funny how he must bend and I must stretch up for standing up daily kissing. :)

    BTW, I enjoyed your visit to my blog. My Thurs. 13 for this week is a different post. Hope you come back and I also hope your nieces stumble upon this blog.

  2. I got a better one than finding a guy who isn't as attractive. Find one who is more attractive, but is so delusional he is convinced YOU are better looking. It's amazing how much fun that can be, especially if the delusion sticks for a few decades.

  3. Along the same note. He is heavier than you...

  4. hahaha, how i wish hubby eats more than me, but i eat a lot more than him :(

  5. My husband is about a foot taller than I and my favorite kisses are when Im standing on the step because its not as awkward.

  6. @GelThat's cute Gel. I find, most women prefer taller guys as some guys prefer the women to be smaller than them.

  7. @Alice AudreyDelusional in somethings I admit is heaven, but hopefully we can be selective in what he is delusional about. Very thoughtful comment.

  8. @betchaiMe too, I can eat more than my SO, and he is twice as big.

  9. @JiaYes, I would never last kissing my SO when both of us are standing up. My neck would be in so much pain!

  10. S.S. When you get my age, you try to remember the last real kiss...

  11. Thanks for sharing Di Lien! I like your logic! I definitely follow some of those rules when I date a guy and there were a few more that I haven't thought of! :)


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