Dora the Explorer Bike!

Sent in by Marcy Lakes

When deciding to purchase my 2 year old her first bike, I knew she needed a tricycle of some kind. I got on my hughes satellite internet and started trying to find the perfect one for her. I was looking into a plastic one that would be safe for her to ride. There are a lot of options available and it became a bit overwhelming.

You can purchase one that has a handle where you help push the child from a standing position. Since she is miss independent, I knew she wouldn't like me holding onto her at all times. I decided against this one for that reason. I then found a Dora the Explorer one I thought she would love, but it seemed to be a bit too old for her. A lot of them are rated for ages 2-5, but I didn't feel like my 2 year old could handle them. I finally found one that is made specifically to be their first bike. It has a seat that adjusts. It even had blocks you could add to the pedals to make them larger and easier for small feet to use. It was only $30 which I felt like was an amazing deal. I ended up purchasing this one.

We gave it to her last week and she loves it! She can't quite reach the pedals, but she pushes it with her feet. She will have it all figured out in no time!


  1. It has been so long since I even thought of bikes ( my youngest son is 25 ). Since one of my sons got married May 7th, maybe I'll be checking one out for a grandchild in a few years!


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