Personal Loans Not So Personal

Ken is one of my lunch buddies, a guy I could talk to about almost anything. For this reason, he always tries to ask me for personal loans. As a friendly chump, I extended my empathy to him regarding his sick relative in India, and felt great about being able to help with a personal loan.

When it was time to pay-up, he couldn’t come up with the money. I spent two months chasing him to find out when could I expect to see my money again? He finally paid me back from his payday loan, but it took several months after the due date!

Anyhow, when he approached me for a second time loan for his sick relative in India, I recommended that he go to MoneyNowUSA for some cash advances. It’s a great way to get payday loans in emergency cases.

Since he has a stable job, and is a US citizen they would be more than happy to look at his application for payday advances. They approve four out of every five applicants, so his chances of getting a loan are pretty likely.
Ken and I are still lunch buddies, and we can talk about anything but money and cash advance.


  1. Friends and money are not a good match..Glad you send him to the business.

  2. S.S., many a good friend have parted over money, even family members can be unreliable in paying back loans. I wouldn't mind if I could afford to give money away. :-)

  3. Money is always the subject isn't it? Many have tried to live without loans or vice versa too many loans - and either way get them in trouble. Payday Loan is a better option to not get in trouble.


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